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Top 5 Luxury Wardrobe Essentials - Trend Of Fashion By Kamakhyaa

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

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The year 2020 has not only changed our social life but the way we used to clothe as well. For months, we did not step outside and little did we feel the need or urge to dress up. Pajamas and loungewear being the only resort, the rest of the cupboard remained untouched. Apart from being less motivated to dress up, we also saw a rise in sustainable fashion brands that took birth in the past few years and during Covid-19 pandemic.

Sustainability Fashion

From top fashion influencers in the country to the biggest Bollywood stars; have now started promoting and advocating conscious clothing and sustainable fashion brands, so we thought we would bring to you Kamakhyaa; the one-stop online shopping destination for luxury & sustainable womenswear fashion! Yes you heard it right, it’s a one-stop destination for all your fashion needs and it is sustainable!

With more than 35 + unique sustainable brands, Kamakhyaa caters to luxury products ensuring top class quality and experience for their customers.

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Our Top picks for Luxury Wardrobe Essentials for 2021:

1. Loungewear Set : Kamakhyaa has in e-store the warmest loungewear constituted by a lavish use of premium fibers such as cashmere, silk, linen treated with exotic recipes inherited from artisans of yesteryear. The brands with Kamakhyaa have a skilled workforce, a pool of talented designers, an educational system to support their talent, and most importantly, the historical background required to produce soulful products rooted in our soil and at the same time having a cosmopolitan touch to cater to a world class customer base. Elevate your relaxed look this winter season, feel the warmth with just one layer of clothing. No more piling on, we promise!

2. Cashmere Wool Shawls : Cashmere is even more precious than jewelry and champagne to us. It is not only a status symbol but also the warmest of fabrics. Its utility is worth the price it comes for!

We Say, Invest In Your Cashmere

Fashion Of Indian

3. Coordinate Sets: A put together look is all it takes to come across as well maintained and fashionable these days. What better way to do so by getting the complete look right? From Kamakhyaa’s wide range of complete sets in westernwear and ethnic wear, you can simply rock it as a set and also mix & match it with other pieces in your wardrobe. We say it’s a must have fashion for 2021. Coordinates are work friendly, completely elevate your classic look and super chic at the same time.

Luxury Fashion

4. Statement Jewelry Pieces : Minimalistic yet noteworthy is what you should look for when you buy jewelry for daily wear. Kamkahyaa’s collection of handcrafted jewelry pieces is exactly what you need to add that oomph to your simple look. Jewelry at Kamakhyaa is made up of upcycled metal, leftover buttons and more such sustainable methods.

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5. Vintage Heels : Kamakhyaa’s Vintage Heels are one of a kind as they are handcrafted and PETA-Approved Vegan, keeping our furry friends away from any kind of harm. These heels are so versatile, you can wear it with westernwear and ethnic wear, both. You can also check out their entire collection of PETA-Approved Vegan Footwears, you will find everything; from flats, Mules and Heels; there is a wide range you can choose from.

How To Fashion Tips

Wardrobe Mistakes You Made In 2022

1. Buying clothes and never wearing them : 2020 has made us realise the need of sustainability even in the world of fashion. Designers, stylists and celebrities are now opting for conscious clothing for a reason. It is not only a trend but the need of the hour. Being responsible buyers is more important now than ever. Now shop sustainable fashion that is transparent only at

2. Over Accessorising : When it comes to accessorising it is very important to identify when to stop. You might have thousands of amazing looking accessories but not the one that you can wear everyday and still look very impressive. Everyday jewelry defines you as a personality and it is very important to accessorize the right amount.

3. Buying clothing of poor quality because it seems economical, trust us when we say you should always check the fabric before buying because that will determine the quality and durability of the product. Kamakhyaa is transparent about the material used in their products, they mention it on their website and their social media as well.

4. Buying in bulk during sale : While some brands provide huge discounts on their products and it might be very tempting at the time, it is not actually economical. There is a minimum amount of capital that is required to make a product, by providing discounts, we cannot ensure fair trade. While you shop from Kamakhyaa, they ensure ethical sourcing and believe in empowering the local artisans and craftsmanship.

5. Buying Products that come in a toxic packaging, while this type of packaging contains plastic and other toxic materials, they are also cheap for the vendors to produce in bulk and by cutting costs here, they increase their profit margins. For a conscious buyer, the most important thing is to make sure even the packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable. Kamakhyaa’s packaging is truly a luxurious experience. It is eco-friendly, durable and minimalistic. You can store it in your room and keep using it for years to come!

Talking about the years to come, we’d also like to introduce Kamakhyaa’s complementary styling service in which you can get in touch with their stylist for any occasion coming up!

We see that you have reached the end of this article, hence we have something special for you.

Kamakhyaa Provides Complimentary Styling Service For Any Event/Function.

You can get personal styling assistance, wardrobe edit, wedding styling, shoot styling, birthday party outfits, baby shower outfits and more. They believe in celebrating your dreams and desires hence they also provide customization, made to your measurements. You can head to their website to explore their sustainable fashion collection.

Personal Stylist

For Complimentary Personal Styling Experience

Whatsapp: +919910707750


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