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Luxury Connect Business School Transforming Luxury Industry By Offering Luxury Management In India.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Written by Abhay Gupta

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Luxury Connect Business School - Transforming Luxury Industry

MBA In Luxury Management Scope

Luxury industry is one of the fastest growing industries, thanks to changing needs of today’s urban population. Love for luxurious lifestyle is increasing among the target market and the industry is growing beyond imagination. With rising incomes, better job opportunities, easy internet availability, awareness about lavish lifestyle is growing. Whether it’s a Fashion Industry, Retail Industry or Hospitality, the scope of Luxury Industry is quite good.

Business Management Courses India

Growing demand of luxury management courses:

Being one of the most sophisticated industries of today’s time, the demand of luxury professionals is rising. A lot of institutions have started offering luxury management courses to fill the gap and help luxury brands get the right placement. The luxury management courses encourage students to develop requisite skills and competencies. They develop intricate insight about the luxury brands and manage the nuances of the industry with utmost diligence.

Luxury Management

Luxury Connect Business School - Leading Luxury Brand Management Institution

LCBS is India’s first and only luxury business school which offers online, executive, corporate and masters program in Luxury Management. The institute is staffed with prolific mentors who act as the guiding light for the students to understand the world of luxury. The curriculum focuses on imbibing great skills which bring strong foundation for all the students who want to achieve great success in this field.

Luxury Management In India

  • International advantage: The school collaborates with international universities for offering a global perspective to the students. The students get the right experience of local knowledge coupled with international exposure.

  • Experiential learning: LCBS courses do not comprise of theoretical knowledge, but also offer practical training to help students understand the challenges and working of luxury industry.

  • Competitive advantage: Luxury Connect Business School prepares its students to witness a better career. The training and lectures provided at LCBS help enhance the knowledge of students and open doors for better job opportunities.

  • Multi talented mentors: Our mentors have vast experience in luxury industry. They themselves have seen the best of success in the chosen fields. Their teaching methods are usually fun oriented and teach students by applying pedagogic mentoring.

  • Interactive sessions with industry experts: LCBS organizes interactive sessions of students with the luxury professionals right from CEO to country head. Students get to share, discuss and learn from the real time experiences of senior people. The professionals belong to various fields like - hotel and hospitality, tour & travel, automobiles, banking, insurance and health & fitness.

  • Social learning: Here at LCBS, we allow students to understand the subjects through social mediums, real time experiences and workforce for better grasp over the concepts. It brings ease on learning and practical utilization of the learning also takes place.

  • Blended coaching: We impart theoretical knowledge about the luxury industry, blended with personalized mentoring. The institute focuses on enhancing implicit skilling needs allowing ease of learning and practical utilization.

Business & Management Courses

Various programs offered at Luxury Connect Business School:

Master’s Program MBA in Luxury Brand Management in India Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Luxury Management Course

Global Luxury Management

Aims and objectives of these programs:

  • Master’s Programs: They are thoughtfully designed for the fresh talent who are the new graduates and are willing to move to luxury. Master’s programs help understand the nuances of handling luxury in India and prepare students to manage luxury brand across emerging markets.

  • Executive Programs: These are the ideal programs for the middle level management and working executives who want to develop their skills in premium and luxury retail industry.

  • Online Programs: These are the best programs who want to develop managerial capabilities while pursuing a regular course or are in the early stages of their career. The online programs are best for the individuals who are in early phase of their career.

  • Corporate programs: These programs are best for the professionals who aim at upgrading their knowledge and skills. The program helps people in brushing up their knowledge from both local and global perspective, which ultimately increases their credibility and upscale their position in their own organization.

Luxury Management Jobs

Placement norms at LCBS:

Luxury Connect Business School guarantees 100% employment assistance. Our career services facilitate the process of placing the students in the leading luxury brands in India and internationally. The career service centre liaises with reputed industrial establishments, corporate houses, brands to conduct campus interviews and place students for various openings. Career assistance at LCBS assists students in grooming their skills for cracking interviews. The career service fosters overall professional development of the individuals and offers the network of employers in each discipline.

Accreditations of LCBS:

  • Centre for Education Growth and Research (CEGR)

  • Indo French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFFCI)

  • International Organization of Standardisation (ISO)

So, get in touch with Luxury Connect Business School today and get enrolled for the top luxury management courses.

The Luxury Management degree from LCBS would definitely empower you with great confidence and take your destiny towards branded companies.

Thanks Mr. Abhay Gupta Founder & CEO OF LCBS, For Sharing Your Expertise With Our Viewers (Royals).


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Luxury Connect Business School Offers The Best Business & Management Courses. Luxury Management Never Been More Exciting Thanks To LCBS The Only School That Offers Luxury Management In India. Checkout Luxury Management Course & Luxury Management Jobs At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog

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