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Luxury Fashion Space In The Fashion Industry

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

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What Is Luxury Fashion

Luxury fashion is defined by connotations with a high level of exclusivity, selectivity, extraordinariness, superiority, aesthetics, uniqueness, price, quality, and a variety of other intangible characteristics and symbolic meanings. The luxury fashion sense always carries symbolic value in the market.

Luxury fashion is the idea of carrying elegance and class with the elements of luxury. The idea of new upgrades is always luxurious as the new idea of luxury is opting for new routes to achieve the desired result. Luxury fashion goods are non-essential items that are highly sought after and associated with the wealthy or affluent. They are purchased for a variety of reasons, including self-worth and prestige, as well as the product's quality and craftsmanship.

Royals always seek an element of elegance in their lives which is offered by the luxury fashion market. Let's have an insight into what luxury fashion is all about and how the world is reacting to it.

List OF Luxury Fashion Brands

The world of luxury fashion is ruled by some monster brands. These brands are known as luxury fashion brands. Quality, elegance, and class all are offered by these brands. The world desires to wear and carry the fashion sense offered by them, a research data by Vogue has listed some top-class brands who are ruling the luxury fashion market. The list is topped by brand “Gucci” carrying a market value of 15.6 billion U.S. dollars. Gucci is worn by most celebrities either they stay in lockdown or come out to grab some awards on the awards night, “Gucci always ruled”.

The second spot goes to “Dior” founded in 1946 by French fashion designer Christian Dior. The credit of the huge success of “Dior” is being related to British-American actress Anya Taylor–Joy, who is appointed as the brand's global brand ambassador.

The third and fourth spots are occupied by Balenciaga and Moncler as both of the brand's adapted new updates in their fashion sense and the world has already accepted the proposal.

Some other famous luxury brands were "Prada" and "Da Milano". The market cap of Prada was 15.65 billion USD and the market consumption of the brand increased rapidly in days of pandemic too. The fame of Kim RI-RI, a South Korean actress is also contributing to the huge success of Prada. And Da Milano is also an Indian brand by Sahil Malik that has deepened its roots in the fashion market and had been giving top-tier competition to the world's top brands.

Luxury Fashion Brand Management

Customers are the most important topic when a brand is being created. The experience of customers matters the most in brand creation. When things are about luxury fashion then the idea becomes more complicated that’s why management is needed. Luxury brand management is exceptionally in demand as all the brands want to turn favorites by their customers. Nowadays top business schools are offering luxury brand management courses that teach the students exactly what is being desired by the top brands of the world. The LCBS (Luxury Connect Business School) offers the desired knowledge to students seeking competence in the luxury market. These courses guide students in providing detailed exposure to the luxury fashion world. The 100% placement rate makes LCBS the top choice of students, who wish to become luxury leaders of the world. One of the top universities which offer this course is NYU Stern School of Business, situated in New York. The university offers knowledge about luxury and retail-related to the luxury market. Another top name is “ESSEC Business School” Which provides real-life to exposure to the world’s fashion market in the MBA course of luxury and fashion management. Then comes “London Business School” which offers various scholarships for students keen to become luxury leaders of the world. HEC Paris is already situated in the fashion capital of the world which directly narrates a lot about the high standard of expectations that this business school carries in the field of fashion luxury brand management. Last but not the least, “Columbia Business School” situated at Columbia University where students can learn very details of fashion management and also seize practical knowledge through Columbia's Retail and Luxury Goods Club. These universities are some who can inject the right knowledge of luxury fashion brand management.

Luxury Fashion In India

The first name that clicks your mind whenever you hear the word royal should be India. India's knowledge of fashion is classy as luxury is merged in an absolute way in the nerves of Indians. The revenue generated by the luxury fashion segment is a whopping 1,275 million USD which is estimated to grow annually by 7.06%. Top brands of the world have their market in India, names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dior, Burberry, and much more love to serve India. With foreign brands, there are some Indian brands too in the luxury fashion industry. Forest essential a cosmetic brand is a perfect example of India's sense of luxury and skincare culture and artistic fluency. Forest essential with the revenue of US $4 Million making India a firm in the world’s luxury fashion.Raymond” is another rich Indian brand of fabrics & designs. Not a single household is in India which doesn’t know about Raymond. The value of revenue that Raymond generated in the year 2021 was $ 800 million.

Then arrives Hidesign makes the work of carrying as class easier by providing royal carry bags. Top-quality leather bags make Hidesign one of the top luxury fashion brands in India. Gen Z is showering love on this luxury fashion brand. India is one of the world’s biggest markets and any kind of brand that wishes to flourish can't ignore India.

Luxury Fashion Industry

Research and markets' has announced that the worldwide luxury fashion industry is expected to reach 153 billion USD by 2026. The adoption of AR by the fashion industry is assisting it in turning more humongous. Gen Z is getting attracted to the luxury fashion industry so much which is turning it vast. New definitions of luxury are leading to new updates and creating new luxury fashion brands. The highest number of firms that offer luxury fashion are situated in Europe, US, Asia, and Italy. Italy has the highest number of luxury brands outlets in the world. Research stated that 70% of the expansion in the luxury fashion market is due to China. The globalization of the fashion industry is helping the market grow and emit a sense of fashion merged with luxury to customers.

Luxury Fashion Trend

Trends decide the flow of the market and the luxury fashion market is nothing different. The top trend of 2021 was about smashing the patriarchy and breaking stereotypes. As data says that the top brandGucci” sold a £1,700 dress with a ribbon waist for men to show that fashion can't be oppressed by social deformities.

The icon Harry Stylestoo with his fashion sense bashed gender-defining customs, as the Vogue cover says about Harry Styles's masculinity will not get affected by any kind of dress. Another rage was about customers turning more practical as fast fashion increased by 84% in 2020 while streetwear, street style, and ready-to-wear fashion emerged beautifully in recent times. The interest of luxury retailers increased in streetwear as famous brands like Louis Vuitton joined the mainstream fashion idea of streetwear. The luxury sportswear brands too witnessed a surge as customers started prioritizing the idea of comfort with luxury. These ideas define the clothing trends in the luxury fashion market in recent times.

Luxury Fashion Designer

You will always seek guidance and the market of fashion will always need to stay flooded with new designs, both missions are accomplished by fashion designers. So, let's have a quick check over some top fashion designers who know what luxury fashion means.

The top name is Italian fashion designer Donatella Francesca Versace, she is a board member of Versace too with many other luxury brands. She got the finest knowledge of luxury fashion and pledges to guide the world about the same.

Thomas Carlyle Ford who is a splendid fashion designer and a filmmaker who makes art the center of his life. Tom Ford'sline store is one of the biggest fashion hubs for trendy luxury fashion. Marc Jacobs is another top fashion designer from America. He has various awards added to his profile involving the CFDA Award for American Womenswear Designer of the year Award. He has his own fashion label, “Marc Jacobs” and being ahead designer he has always offered the finest fashion to the world. Last name of Stella McCartney is an English fashion designer. She is famous for her fur-free and leather-free apparel. Her company “ Stella McCartney” is one of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world.

The luxury fashion market has always maintained class and elegance. People who wear luxury are the royals that rule the world. Pick the top brands, acquire the knowledge and slay with your luxury fashion sense. The eye-brightening look only emits out when the luxury brands are having control.

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