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4 Lips Dryness Reasons That Everyone Should Know !

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Dry Lips? Here’s what you should know!

Lips Dryness

Every so often, we are challenged by dry, chapped, peeling and pigmented lips. And it’s not a surprise! Most of us overlook lip care when it comes to our daily skincare routines. We often blame the weather for the state of our lips but did you know there are more reasons than just the one that leads to cracked lips? The good news is that there are ways in which you can improve the overall health of your lips!

The Lip Balm Company is all about opening the door to lip heaven

Lips Are Dry

Here, we visit top reasons that give you dry lips and what you can do about it!

1. Licking Your Lips

Yes, licking your lips is one of the topmost reasons for your dry lip surface! Saliva contains digestive enzymes that can wear and tear at your lip skin and cause dryness! The solution is simple! Stop licking your lips and always keep them moisturised so it adds on a protective layer!

Dryness Of Lips

2. Dehydration

This is definitely an underrated reason! An inadequate intake of water can lead to dry and cracked lips. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as staying hydrated and drinking enough fluids to help with the upkeep of healthy lips.

Dryness In Lips

3. Cold/ Dry Climate

Yes, the weather is one of the top reasons that gives you dry lips. It pulls out all the moisture from your skin and lips, leading to chalky skin and chapped lips.

Blackness Of Lips

4. Smoking

No prizes for guessing this reason! The tobacco content in a cigarette can irritate your lips and cause dryness and pigmentation.

Besides these top four reasons, other factors that could reduce your overall lip health include sun exposure, environmental pollution and over usage of lip cosmetics. Did you know that ingredients used in matte lipsticks and other lip cosmetics can rip off your lip moisture? This leads to sensitivity and dryness of lips at the end of your day!

How Get Pink Lips

The solution to all your lip worries is simple – moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! And we have the best products to help heal your lips! The Lip Balm Company has come up with products that help you tackle all you lip woes! If you want to heal and hydrate your lips overnight, you should check out Apple Co, Chocolate Co or Peach Co that are designed to give your lips all the R&R necessary! For day time usage, we recommend Golden Tea, Element Sea or Tang to optimise your lip health. And to poof away the pigmentation induced by dryness, Pure tea, I Feel Pine, Glossy Bee and Tree of Life are total must-haves in your daily lip care routines!

About The Lip Balm Company

The Lip Balm Company, where the focus is on how a healthy habit can put a huge smile on your face, literally! With over 100 lip balms lined up and waiting to be dropped weekly, The Lip Balm Company is all about opening the door to lip heaven. Between harsh weather, dryness, lipsticks, air conditioning, licking, handling, wrong products, more lipsticks, a lot of nervous picking at the lips, and the occasional peck, lips do have a rough time of it. And The Lip Balm Company is your guidewire to happy lips ever after. Yes, ever after.




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4 Lips Dryness Reasons That Everyone Should Know. Do You Know Why Your Lips Are Dry ? Find Out The Dangerous Causes For Dryness Of Lips. Know Dryness In Lips Effects. You Must Know How Get Pink lips By The Lip Balm Company. Find More Info About Lips Dryness At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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