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Inside The World of Luxury Concierge Services: Interview With Artem Avanesov, CEO of BSI Lifestyle

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Concierge Services

Today we are honored to speak with Mr. Avanesov, whose expertise and vision have led BSI Lifestyle to be recognized as a winner of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle as Best Luxury Lifestyle Management in the UAE.

BSI Lifestyle has emerged as a leader in the industry, providing exceptional concierge services and personalized experiences to its esteemed clientele. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled service, BSI Lifestyle has successfully positioned itself as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking the epitome of luxury and convenience.

In this interview, we delve into the founding story, unique offerings, and future plans of BSI Lifestyle. Mr. Avanesov graciously shares his insights, shedding light on the inspiration behind establishing a luxury lifestyle management company and how BSI Lifestyle distinguishes itself from competitors in the competitive UAE market.

Luxury Concierge

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Can you share with us the founding story and vision behind BSI Lifestyle? What inspired you to establish a luxury lifestyle management company?

Artem Avanesov:

BSI Lifestyle was founded in 2014 in London as private concierge services club for a small group of individuals to cater to their need of ultimate luxury service in travel and lifestyle management. While enjoying utmost service level and high expertise they shared their experience with their friends and business partners, which eventually helped shape BSI Lifestyle to what it is today. We are proud to continue providing unique lifestyle management experience 9 years on to a selected group of UHNWI and grateful for their trust and loyalty to our club.

Our vision is simplewe believe that word “No” doesn’t exist, when it comes to our members’ requests. There are no “problems” but “solutions”. With this and our members’ needs in mind we are moving forward with BSI Lifestyle development.

Luxury Concierge Service

LLA: In a competitive UAE market, what sets BSI Lifestyle apart from other luxury concierge services? How do you ensure that your clients receive a truly personalized and exceptional experience?

Artem Avanesov:

First and foremost, our goal is to save time for our members by utilizing our team’s experience in travel and lifestyle management all over the world. We carefully assess member’s needs, character and personal preferences. This allows us to appoint the right Lifestyle Manager providing them an excellent luxury service, together with dedicated Back Office manager who assists in making all the magic happen. Ultimately, we have two staff members working on one members account, which provides the utmost personalised service.

Concierge Services List

LLA: BSI Lifestyle offers a range of services, including travel arrangements, real estate solutions, and personal and business assistance. How can concierge services enhance individuals' lifestyles and simplify their daily lives?

Artem Avanesov:

This is all about providing a member exactly what they need. Some are looking for advice on their travel or lifestyle choices, whereas some know exactly what they want and simply need it to happen in the best way possible. Depending on the request, we have all the tools to get it done. From custom tailor-made itineraries to sourcing that Birkin bag one is dreaming about, we are assisting our members daily using best market practices and network contacts.

Car Concierge Services

LLA: Could you highlight some success stories or memorable experiences that showcase the value your company brings to clients?

Artem Avanesov:

How do you impress someone who’s been to best places in Maldives and wants to experience something beyond that? With the help of BSI Lifestyle you can rent out the whole island for yourself and enjoy the ultimate luxury. Not only you are going to have ultimate privacy, we will make sure you get there in style on the private jet of your choice and everything surrounding you on the island will be tailor-made to your preferences.

Travel Concierge Services

As another example, we’ve recently completed a very complex 3-week itinerary that included best locations in South America with private chef dinners, BSI Lifestyle dedicated assistant on the ground throughout the journey and exclusive private out-of-hours sightseeing tours of best spots along the way. It all ended with 10-day VIP Antarctic cruise and expedition with professional support of best guides. Once-in-a-lifetime experience created by BSI Lifestyle experts was unforgettable.

Visa Concierge Services

LLA: What was the most challenging request you have ever received?

Artem Avanesov: One of our members decided to invite his friend to his Africa safari journey very last-minute. It happened that they required a visa to one of the countries on the itinerary which normally takes at least 30 days to process. Thanks to our wide network we’ve managed to agree with authorities to grant tourist visa within two days and the party continued their journey as planned.

Personal Concierge Services

LLA: How does BSI Lifestyle curate unique and unforgettable luxury travel experiences for its clients? Can you share some examples of extraordinary trips or destinations that your company has arranged?

Artem Avanesov:

Apart from the above mentioned trip, I can also share a special Iceland fishing tour we’ve organised for one of our members. After learning that our member is looking for an ultimate fishing adventure, our Lifestyle Manager had advised that Iceland has one of the best salmon fishing experiences in month of August. We’ve carefully planned an itinerary that surrounded the best fishing spots, not far from private luxury chalet we’ve rented for our member’s party. Together with private chef experience, evening dinners under the stars and unforgettable fishing enjoyment, we’ve carefully selected a number of activities in Iceland to conclude the visit. Those included private volcano tours, guided hiking trails and luxury spa experiences in Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik. Our members were delighted and shared beautiful memory stories with us at the end of the trip.

Hire Private Plane

LLA: Private jet travel is often associated with luxury and exclusivity. How does BSI Lifestyle ensure a seamless and luxurious private jet experience for its clients?

Artem Avanesov:

It is not rocket science to book a private jet nowadays. What matters the most is the quality of the aircraft, reliability, safety and confidence in the operator and the crew. That’s where BSI Lifestyle is very strict when it comes to vetting the private jet operators. We make sure that whatever the location, our member will use only the best options on the market and enjoy the most luxurious experience.

BSI Lifestyle

LLA: Can you elaborate on your corporate membership program and what solutions it offers for businesses?

Artem Avanesov:

This is relatively new department for us that evolved from our private membership. About a year ago we were approached by one of multi-family offices whose client happened to be our member. Having an excellent recommendation from him, they asked if we could provide their other clients with the same service. In response we developed a special package providing access to our Back Office directly, considering they have their own Front office structure. This proved to be successful and we’ve already onboarded up to ten other corporations with similar packages that were adjusted to their particular needs. Some were interested in access to our Air Tickets department, while others needed travel assistance for their c-suite. We understand now that our product is unique and can benefit not only individuals but the corporate world as well.

Concierge Service

LLA: BSI Lifestyle operates globally, serving clients in various cities worldwide. How do you maintain consistency and ensure seamless service delivery across different locations and cultures?

Artem Avanesov:

Regardless of the location, our team is one. We currently have staff members located in 9 different cities around the world and they communicate on daily basis. We share same processes and procedures as well as the network database. Our team is what makes the magic happen and it’s only due to them we retain members’ loyalty and appreciation.

Billionaires Luxury Lifestyle

LLA: What role does technology play in enhancing the customer experience at BSI Lifestyle? Are there any digital innovations or platforms that facilitate communication and streamline the lifestyle management process for your clients?

Artem Avanesov:

Our primary focus is to simplify our members' lives and ensure their requests are efficiently fulfilled. While some of our competitors have created their own apps that require clients to download for accessing services, we believe in empowering our members to choose the communication channel that suits them best. Whether it's through WhatsApp, Telegram, phone calls, emails, or any other preferred method, we aim to accommodate their needs.

Additionally, we have developed our own CRM system to streamline data management and request processing internally. This system enables us to handle tasks more quickly, easily, and efficiently, ultimately benefiting our clients.

Luxury Services

LLA: BSI Lifestyle values exclusivity and building long-term relationships with its clients. How do you maintain client confidentiality and ensure their trust in your services?

Artem Avanesov:

In our line of business, fame is not advantageous. We refrain from advertising our services and refrain from sharing any information regarding our clients' requests. We place great importance on confidentiality, particularly when working with UHNWIs.

Not only do we refrain from disclosing our clients' data to the public, but we also exercise discretion when discussing our members' plans with their assistants or partners unless specifically advised to do so. Trust is earned through actions and consistently demonstrated over time, and it is precisely what we foster with our members who demonstrate their trust in us by remaining loyal BSI Lifestyle members.

LLA: Finally, what can we expect from BSI Lifestyle in the future? Are there any upcoming developments, expansions, or new service offerings that you'd like to share with our readers?

Artem Avanesov:

We started with a small team of 4 people based in London back in 2014 and now we are 45 with 7 offices and more to come. BSI Lifestyle is a place that constantly evolves by putting our members’ needs first. Next year, 2024, is going to be a big one for us. Not only we are turning 10, but we already have a major project under development in Dubai, UAE that will be announced soon. Additionally, we are working on expanding our presence by establishing new locations on continents where we haven't been represented previously. Even though I can’t give out any more details now, I assure you it’s going to be grand!

Thank you for your time.

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