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Amazing Luxury TV Designs That Will Definitely Enlighten Your Luxury Home Decor

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


The whole world is your home is on the television set that displays life. Televisions are now like the soul of every house. A luxury TV is the only pick that royals should make. A big slim TV screen and a plate full of your favorite food is such a vibe.

Luxury TV has features like HDMI ports, HD screen resolution, OLED, LCD, AND LED screens with a higher refresh rate on which T.V. can refresh the display image (frame) per second. HDR compatibility and screen size matters most when choosing a luxury TV for your home.

Luxury TV Com

Just imagine a 75-inch 8K TV in your drawing room doesn't it feel like it alone decorated the whole room. The capability of changing from dumb to smart makes television an unmatched asset that gives all that you seek. One of the most expensive TVs in 2021 was Samsung 85 inch QLED 8K UHD TV costing around 13 lakh And in 2022 is LG SIGNATURE OLED R 65 (165.1CM) Class Rollable 4K Smart TV w/ AI ThinQ D costing Rs. 74,99,990/- . Spending your money on luxury never fails to satisfy your desires, because what is life without luxury in it?

Currently top TVs that are ruling the world are amazing.

Luxury TV Brands

At least one of them should rest in your home. Home should be about love and luxury because only they both together can generate peace.

As a famous quote says The greatest luxury of having money should be not having to worry about it, so why not buy some crazy expensive T.V sets. The proper lighting, the proper furniture, and the proper walls decorate the house most finely.


LG Signature OLED R is the first rollable TV which gives luxurious feels to the interior of the building. With the advancement in technology, world got its first rollable TV by LG at the amazing price of $100,000 (Rs. 74,99,990/-). This masterpiece can change the way one use space and can save space for other luxurious items. If one thinks to add OLED R to the luxurious household, it will be a perfect match as it has special feature of getting undergrounded after use which makes it very usuable and excellent product.

LG Rollable Tv Price India

LG Signature OLED R comes with 65- inch, eye comforting display that can roll itself inside the base provided. OLED R’s self-lightening technology make the displayed picture very clear and eye catching which is a unique feature in itself. Its picture processor is a9 Gen4 A1 processor 4k, which makes it to fit for a luxurious device. No other TV can match its color accuracy because of the advanced material used in it which is really something to be appreciated. It has Amazon Alexa built in for a voice control operation with other magical remote control like universal control, point, click, scroll etc. LG is the first to introduce such luxurious rollable TV for a magical touch to the lifestyle and it can change the perspective of people who thinks TV occupy space of the household. This device fulfils all the expectations which one expects from the LG. This TV wraps itself in a magical way without letting others to interfere and the whole process seems magical. This sounds exiciting and this is going to be true at its amazing price range with which you can give magical luxurious touch to your home.

C Seed 201 Outdoor Tv Cost


C SEED 201 is one of the world largest outdoor TV designed by an award winning company. The company was founded with the effort to make it luxurious element of luxury household by Alexander Swatek with Jakob Odgaard and Jorn Sterup. Its headquarter is Vienna and also has a giant showroom with branch in Beverly Hills, California. Whenever the word luxury hits ear, one can imagine C SEED ‘s folding TV as a perfect match to their demand of luxurious screen. It has so many special feature which cannot be matched by any TV companies, so this luxurious TV is unmatched.

Price $400,000

These luxurious folding TV is made of high grade materials which is durable and special because of its quality. C SEED 201’s column takes only 15 seconds to unfold itself vertically upto its maximum height of 4.65m with an effortless push of a button. If one thinks about the quality of colors radiated, the word MicroLED pings the mind which displays the brilliant colors and C SEED 201 has 2,963,520 MicroLEDs to process image data in the best possible way to make the TV screen alive. It takes only 25 seconds to unfold horizontally which makes it exiciting and amazing which cannot be matched. To operate this luxurious device, you have to push only a button of the remote control and can have the luxurious feel of the giant unfolding TV. It has special features for operating in sunlight where it can have ultra high resolution to make pictures clear and vibrant. This giant TV is a Big Yes for saving space as it can get under ground with just a single push. One can save space while enjoying it as luxury. C SEED’s luxurious TV is an excellent choice for saving space while accessing it as luxury and there is nothing to regret about this amazing device which has so many advantages.

TV Invention

Television is now part of billions of lives after being tired or having some spare time we always turn on the TV to grab some moments. The condition of TV is now like If it weren't for electricity, we'd all be watching television by candlelight. The title of inventor of television goes to Philo Taylor Farnsworth II (born august 19, 1906 in the USA). He invented the first electronic television system. In 1927 the world got its first television set. The first practical transmissions of moving images over a radio system used mechanical rotating perforated disks to scan a scene into a time-varying signal that could be reconstructed at a receiver back into an approximation of the original image. Televisions helped in developing mass media as radios were limited to audio. The video factor of television gained massive popularity. TV is bigger than any story it reports. It's the greatest teaching tool since the printing press. Entertainment, advertising, web browsing, and news transmission are the main propagandas modern television can serve.

Luxurious Luxury Tv Unit Design

Contemporary designs are ruling the current style of TV cabinets in India. Your TV cabinet takes the major space of your room where it is placed so it must be classy.

Most Expensive TV Stand

The luxurious cabinet should be chosen to place your super luxury television set. These cabinets do cost around Rs. 1,70,000 to 3,05,000 too. And the royals who can buy a 13 lakh television will surely not think twice about buying a classy cabinet. The lavish cabinet for your TV in the living room soothes the look. A good cabinet for your TV involves ample space for all your media essentials because hanging the TV over the

wall isn't the royal way. Many panels can be opted like what about a minimalist wood and white TV stand or a wall-mounted royal brown glass TV stand. But nothing beats the matte and glossy black stands with drawers decorated with LED lights toning with the stand colour. A luxury cabinet involves storage drawers, multiple shelves, perfect lighting, and ample wideness.


The place you stay "home" should be classy and royal. The element of luxury shouldn't miss and drive the interior chosen by you. The luxury TV in your room can belong to different top brands only condition is the element of luxury. Some famous styling can opt like wooden laminates and white cabinets can be grabbed which will emit contemporary fashion vibe. TV set can be set up in an area to segregate the living and dining area. The area of TV unit can be decorated with crisp and clean decors around the cabinet surrounded with lights. The back of the TV cabinet can be decorated with zig-zag tiles because monochrome colors will decorate the room as nothing else could. Floating shelves can be added over the TV and the matte glossy TV set will go fabulous with blue cabinets. After all, Television is the menace that everyone loves to hate but can't seem to live without. These ideas will surely turn the whole way of home with the luxury element.

This was all about the luxury element related to television. Bringing joy means bringing television. The big screen in your home will keep the memories going and families glued. The royal and classy factor will get the front seat in your home. The home designers will add the vine of luxury in your house to turn it into a palace, Choose Lavish-Stay Royals.


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