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Shah Rukh Khan House Mannat Is The Most Desirable Luxury House In India

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

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Home OF Shahrukh Khan

1. Mannat : Where Land Ends

Mannat Shahrukh Khan Home

'Mannat' residence of the world's biggest movie star MR. Shah Rukh Khan. Home to a person who is tagged dream seller, as SRK sells dreams and hope to the generation full of broken people. Shah Rukh sends the message of hard work being key to happiness. Shah is the definition of the word success and purity. He refers to himself as an aging movie star in contrast to humanity being aged. The charismatic aura of King Khan attracts the hearts of people to the beauty of cinema. Now the world bows in front of the King and a few things make their way to his heart. One of them is 'Mannat', a special story of success, the peak of King's era and childhood of kids is witnessed by the landmark of Mumbai 'Mannat'.

House OF Shahrukh Khan Mannat

2. Mannat lives here with these biggies

'Mannat' is situated in Bandra, Mumbai. The city referred to as the city of dreams witnessed the world's biggest fairy tale, when a lower-middle-class boy paved his way to the top of the world. This city has been the beauty of India by being the powerhouse of Bollywood.

With 'Mannat' resting in the lap of Bandra, the city of Mumbai is home to many other beautiful landmarks such as the 'Galaxy Apartment' residence of megastar Salman Khan with JALSA & PRATEEKSHA of Big B AKA Amitabh Bachchan. Many beautiful mansions like Beau Monde Towers (Deepika Padukon's home), Fortune Heights (Saif and Bebo's home) and Raj Classics of Priyanka Chopra decorate Mumbai with other numerous celeb homes in the city.

Where Shahrukh Khan Lives

3. Saga of Mannat

Saga of 'Mannat' is so exciting, as before Mr. Shah Rukh Khan's plan of buying 'Mannat', Salman Khan wanted to buy it. But Mr. Salim Khan, the father of Salman Khan stopped him and advised him not to buy 'Mannat' as it is such a luxurious palace. Then King Khan bought 'Mannat' at the rate of 13.32 crore in 2001. 'Mannat' once was a heritage villa which is now turned into a six-story palace by decorations by SRK and his lovely wife Mrs. Gauri Khan who by profession is an interior designer. Earlier SRK used to pay a rent of just INR 2,325 annually, but after some time Maharashtra Government revised land prices for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region which boosted the rent to 19 lakh annually then SRK decided to buy it instead of paying regular rents. We haven't seen heaven yet but we can say it looks like 'Mannat' and the story of buying it delivers the message of dreaming because dreams do turn true.

Mannat House

4. What Mannat Holds

How Much Is Mannat Worth

'Mannat' which was known as 'Villa Vienna' got added to the wishlist of King Khan when he was filming 'Yes Boss' with Mrs. Juhi Chawla in 1997. Then in 2001 SRK like many of his dreams turned another stone into his favour and brought 'Mannat' from the 'Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust'. Few know that 'Mannat' got the name in 2005, SRK named it 'Mannat' because many of his wishes turned true after buying 'Mannat'. The market value of 'Mannat' is more than 200 crore. Spread over 26,329 sq. ft, 'Mannat' is an Arabian Sea-facing bungalow. Mannat was constructed according to a heritage villa in the 1920s - era. 'Mannat' has a beautiful garden on the front side which is lavishly decorated indoors. The whole globe contributes to the beauty of the palace as curios and objects around the world have been used to add elegance to the mansion. Mansion has neoclassical elements incorporated within itself. The backside of 'Mannat' has offices and studios with an intricately equipped gym. Elevators ease the travel in the house and beautiful M.F Hussain paintings turn it more classy. 5 bedroom facilitates living in the mansion, a luxurious bathroom with white marble floors adds up to the luxurious appeal of the house. This all collectively turns 'Mannat' into the world's most famous billion-dollar house.

Mannat also has a library and a personal auditorium that you can expect from one of the most expensive residences in Mumbai. Mannat is decorated in such a way that perfectly blends the charm of the old-fashioned charisma with the comfort of modern. Architect-designer Mr. Kaif Faquih with boss lady Mrs. Gauri Khan took around a decade to create this masterpiece. Mannat unfolds at every level with a unique and distinctive concept on each floor. Mannat's outer view is merged with beige, brown, and white colors.

Dark wooden flooring, plush carpets, and luxurious leather pieces in several corners of the house contribute to its class. Mrs. Gauri khan says that all of the family members contribute to turning their house into a home by adding their effects. As daughter Suhana Khan added elements of ballet in her room according to her desire.

Mannat also has a life-sized marble Radha-Krishna sculpture and a jade Ganpati statue. The living room in Mannat brings a rustic vibe to the space by a brick wall that displays the family's modern art collection and a vintage space that has been converted into a bar. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows bring natural light into the room, offsetting the drama of the plum, brown and black couches that sit around a clear glass coffee table. Gauri herself added a canvas of Subhash Awchat's reclining clown to complete the room, as she is a fan of Maximalist creation. Still treat to the eye is the gilded Ravinder Reddy sculpture.

At last, comes the couple's bedroom which is decorated with pristine white marble floors, a brown velvet couch and a king-size bed. Notes of beige and brown perfectly fall in line with the palette of the rest of the home. These were some details from an emblematic symbol of hard work 'Mannat'

Mannat Interior Bathroom

A glance of one of their home's lavish bathrooms, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri's bathroom contains sophisticated furniture, including a state-of-the-art shower wrapped in a glass cubicle, with glossy black-and-white marble floors, mirror and glass details. It also contains a ghost chair with zebra pattern that was obtained from Paris Design Week.

5. Company to Mannat

Shahrukh Khan Alibaug Bungalow

Places which are said to be home by SRK except 'Mannat' too are so luxurious.

SRK owns a farmhouse in Alibaug located on the Deja Vu farms which emits a beach-like vibe and is merged with white interiors and mosaic-tiled floors spanning over 20,000 square meters.

Then comes the private island home in Dubai which rhymes with 'Mannat' and is named 'Jannat' which means heaven. 'Jannat' has six bedrooms, garages, a private pool, and a direct connection to waterfront activities like deep-sea fishing. 'Jannat' has a market value of more than 18 crores. And how can we miss the hometown of the King and queen, New Delhi? SRK owns a special mansion in South Delhi, the most exciting feature of this home is the special wall displaying items that capture the family's milestones. It has 2 floors and multiple balconies with greenery outside making it a serene abode for the family.

SRK London House

Shahrukh Khan House In London

Apart from all these mansions in India, SRK holds residence in the UK too which is located in Central London. The market value of this mansion is more than 200 crores with beautiful interiors. These all add up to the power of SRK and give company to Khan's favorite 'Mannat'.

6. Tourist magnet Mannat

Mannat now more than being a beautiful palace is turned into a tourist spot. As whenever a person visits Mumbai the first thing in mind is to visit 'Mannat' and experience the air of success and determination. The Mansion of SRK is now more famous than the entire careers of celebrities combined. On different occasions, SRK comes to his balcony to greet his fans and then 'Mannat' experiences a massive crowd of people chanting the name of King khan. 'Mannat' is now a landmark of Mumbai and carries the legacy and elegance of glory by the king of Bollywood. Many generations will keep on getting inspired by the presence of 'Mannat' and it will continue to be part of many stories of love and success.

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