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Five Bespoke Luxury Engraved Watches For Your Trousseau

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Written By Gaurav Mehta

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Engraved Watch

The rise and rise of bespoke watches in the world of modern horlogerie is the result of our love for everything that is customised and personalised to our taste and aesthetics. Brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Cartier receive hundreds of commissions a year, including exclusive commissions for wedding gifts. At Jaipur Watch Company, we have seen a steady rise in bespoke commissions. Exquisite craftsmanship and an artisanal quality mark the world of bespoke horlogerie and there cannot be a better gift for an exclusive wedding trousseau.

Engraved On Watch

Watches With Custom-Made Components

From simple and old-world hand-wound watches to skeleton tourbillon, from options such as unusual shapes, dials and straps, there is a lot to choose from in the world of bespoke. Many watch brands, including Jaipur Watch Company, create watches in the most of unique shapes – the case shape can range from geometric to rectangular, square to asymmetrical. There is also a choice of straps – leather, metal to mother-of-pearl. The colour and patterns of the straps are also customizable.

Watch Engraved

Hand-Engraved Dials

Hand-engraving is considered a sophisticated art in the world of watchmaking. Intricate patterns, interesting depictions, sublime finishing…there is a lot of detailed work that goes into hand-graving a dial. Humans’ once hand-engraved cave walls, bone, pottery, stones and metal. In the world of luxury horology, hand-engraving is an art that has been practised by artisans down generations. Intricately hand-carving a watch dial, particularly a metal dial, is not an easy task, which is what makes the watches so special.

Customised Watches

Customised Dials

In bespoke watches, the pride of place belongs to customised dials. You can get anything patterned, printed or engraved on a watch: a name, an image, a colour. Many who approach Jaipur Watch Company for a customised dial, request for an image or a motif. Globally, bold and beautiful turquoise watch dials is a trend right now. Turquoise stones have represented beauty, power and affluence across most cultures over the last 5,000 years. Piaget’s 1960s timepieces with turquoise dials were found in the collections of actor Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy. Turquoise is making a quiet comeback in the world of watchmaking.

Watches Engraved

3D Printing

Across the world, edgy luxury watchmakers are embracing 3D printing as the pinnacle of modern bespoke watchmaking. 3D printing helps improve efficiency and create groundbreaking designs. The technique is changing the way watchmakers design and create mechanical timepieces. It allows watchmakers to manipulate models that are no longer two dimensional. Jaipur Watch Company launched India’s first 3D printed watch in stainless steel, which is embellished with a sparkling sapphire crystal. The watch, powered by a premium Japanese Miyota mechanical movement of 9015, has a genuine hand-crafted leather belt. Not just does 3D printing offer an opportunity to work with a faster manufacturing process, which means we can create a bespoke watch in far lesser time than it usually takes, it allows for creating on-demand designs and customization.

Engraved Watches India

Highly ornamental and art-led, a guilloché dial in a customised watch makes for a beautiful bespoke wedding gift. Guilloché is an ancient art of creating exceptionally detailed patterns. It is a technique used for decorating softer materials such as mother-of-pearl. In the 18th century, guilloché was used in the watchmaking industry. It is an art strongly associated with Breguet, when its founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet began using it to decorate watch dials. There are only a handful of guillochéurs in the world today, and manually-patterned guillochédials are largely reserved for luxury watches. Jaipur Watch Company creates beautiful bespoke watches with dials decorated using the guilloché technique.

About Gaurav Mehta

Old Watch Brands In India

In an earlier avatar, before he became a watchmaker, Gaurav Mehta had a business of risk management and insurance. A passionate collector of antique currency coins, he combined his love for antiquities and the stories and narratives that went with them, with his ardour for horology to create India’s first bespoke watch company ie Jaipur Watch Company. Gaurav has developed a thematic collection of Imperial era coins, particularly those from the King George VI era. Mehta’s interest now spans several forms of antiquities, such as stamps, vintage motifsand watchmaking traditions from across the world, which he incorporates seamlessly into his watches. In the process, Mehta has created a watch brand that puts the country on the luxury horological map, but with that subtle flavor of India’s cultural roots.

Jaipur Watch Company Price

Jaipur Watch Company watches price range is between Rs.18,000/- To Rs.55,000/-


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