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You’ll Be Amazed To See These 4 Urwerk Watches


Urwerk is a young brand that was founded in 1997 and is widely regarded as one of the forerunners of the new generation of watchmaking. The business, which makes only 150 watches a year, views itself as a craftsman's workshop where conventional knowledge coexists with cutting-edge style. The business creates unheard-of, intricate watches that meet the most exacting standards of fine watchmaking: independent design and development, cutting-edge materials, and handcrafted finishing.

4 Amazing Urwerk Watches

Urwerk Watch


The most recent version of URWERK's UR-105 CT wandering-hour watch is the selfwinding Maverick in bronze and titanium. It is a timepiece created in honour of crazy artists, quirky inventors, and those who come up with game-changing concepts. The "Maverick" is a canvas or a lump of clay that is waiting to be imprinted with the owner's individuality and develop the patina of his way of life. It is designed to withstand the rough treatment that comes with being the most cherished of things. The environmental assaults—hot, cold, damp, or dry—as well as the dangers of daily life—only contribute to enhance its appearance. Thus, the Maverick will become your favourite timepiece as you shape it to fit your personality.

Price - Rs. 60,30,000/-

The UR-105 CT Maverick has a distinct personality right from the outset. Martin Frei, head designer and co-founder of Urwerk, claims that bronze is the oldest of all metal alloys and that it is also mysterious and always surprising. "Unlike our previous works of art, the Maverick leaves our facilities unfinished. The watch gets its finish from the owner's wrist. Through symbiosis with its host, it will change.

The UR-105 CT Maverick's sliding tab must be pushed in order to see its inner workings. A new openworked carousel will have four arms on which you can observe the satellite hours. When a satellite arrives along a track of 60 minutes, it carries three hours, which turn to display the correct hour. As a result, the wandering hour includes both digital and traditional timekeeping. Baumgartner says, "The UR-105 CT is a watch with an emerging look. "Only the hour is visible when it is closed, making it exceedingly clear. It appears to be completely independent. When you open it, a striking metallic scene awaits you. You detect a sense of quickness and an endeavour to be effective.

Urwerk Satellite Watch

The carousel has undergone a thorough makeover to become incredibly light, incredibly sturdy, and entirely efficient.

The remaining indications on the dial are a power-reserve indicator and digital seconds. The astonishing thing about digital seconds is that they display tenths of a second.

Two turbines on the rear control the automated winding system. A lever is used to adjust them. The winding rotor is activated by the simplest movement while it is in the FULL position.

2. UR-111C Black

Once you've seen it, the UR-111C Black will never leave your mind. It appears to have been done on purpose to hypnotise. At first sight, what draws attention is the flaming contrast between the orange patterns and the black casing. then the actual case. Its harmonious and flexible lines almost seem to mould to your wrist. It is constructed to amaze, like all watches by URWERK, but according to conventional mechanical watchmaking methods. Additionally, it fulfils the goal of URWERK, which is to show off various, surprising ways to tell the time on your wrist.

The titanium and steel case is grooved and has a generous width and length. Transversal screws in half pipes hold the curved sides in place. What is the purpose of the roller in the middle? or the lever found on the case's side? Nothing is apparent, everything is fascinating.

You need to comprehend the artist in order to appreciate their work. Martin Frei, the co-founder and chief designer of URWERK, is a master of enticing design, where each element discloses one before luring you further into the heart of the timepiece. No detail is unnecessary, and volumes and lines are carefully planned and coordinated to create a unified and beautiful living instrument.

Urwerk Watch Price

Price - Rs. 1,10,70,000/-

The casing had to be constructed around the UR-111C Black's movement's unique design, which placed the indicators in a variety of oddly placed locations on the face. You'll see that the case's side does not have a crown protruding from it. Instead, a kind of lever is present. The face also has a fluted cylinder running across the centre of it. Setting the time and winding the watch are two distinct processes. The traditional watch's small, knurled crown has been replaced by an accessible, long cylinder that you roll with your thumb or finger to wind the timepiece. The UR-111 Black lasts 48 hours when fully wound.

The size of URWERK watches reflect their exceptional designs. The amazing manifestations of time can only be seen clearly and visibly, which necessitates space. Martin Frei's aesthetic concept also governs the volumes and contours.

However, the UR-111C Black is unquestionably the URWERK model that looks best on a thin wrist. The shape of the caseback, which mimics the curvature of the watch face, ensures comfort.

3. The Raging Gold UR-105

The co-founder and designer of URWERK, Martin Frei, admits that he has fallen prey to the allure of gold: "There's always this small inner voice that tells me how much I adore this metal. Beyond the advancement of technology, alterations in vogue, new features, and new materials, gold will always be gold. It lasts aeons. The metal is what makes me feel alive. The UR-105 Raging Gold was created as a result of the designer's obsession with the noblest of materials that endures eternally without a mark on its splendour. The bezel on a titanium case is a shield made of red gold that has an interesting design engraved into it.

The co-founder of URWERK and master watchmaker Felix Baumgartner says, "Once more, we attempt to stimulate all your senses. "Our UR-105 "Raging Gold" should be enjoyable to touch in addition to being beautiful to look at. The case's contours and texture are reminiscent of traditional ideas. The design is based on the "Clou de Paris" hobnail motif, which was common in expensive timepieces. It resembles my "Madeleine de Proust" in certain ways. It gives me a rush to incorporate this tiny bit of history into a disruptive model and create a traditional watch.

Urwerk Watches Price

Price - Rs. 60,30,000/-

The most recent advancements in Urwerk's ongoing efforts to improve upon the wandering hour idea are included in this 105 edition. The carousel, which transports the hours in sets of three on four satellite discs, is the mechanism's most complex component and is concealed. It discreetly and consistently delivers the appropriate hour at the appropriate location and time. Turbines on the UR-105's rear manage the selfwinding mechanism. When you set the lever to FULL, the winding rotor will wound the mainspring with the smallest movement you make. To prevent excessive mainspring stress, the rotor's motions are muted in the RED (reduced) mode. The watch's self-winding mechanism is disconnected in the STOP position, allowing the crown to be manually wound.

Urwerk Watches India

4. UR-100 GunMetal

Humans have always had the common tendency of gazing to the sky for direction. We all know instinctively that the sun, our cosmic clock and point of reference, governs our everyday life wherever we are in the world.

As a result, Urwerk dedicate a whole line of timepieces to our orbital trek around the sun, beginning with the UR-100 GunMetal, which was created from URWERK's SpaceTime models.

URWERK draws its name from the birthplace of civilization, the 6,000-year-old city of Ur in ancient Mesopotamia. The Sumerians created our fundamental unit of time by dividing the 12-part daily track of a shadow into this number. The theory behind these initial primitive chronometers has since developed into that of today's extremely complex chronometers, yet our days continue to be determined by our silently spinning orbit around the sun. Every year, at an average speed of 30 kilometres per second, we passengers go through space for several billions of kilometres. It is a trip that is depicted on the UR-100 GunMetal's dial.

The UR-100 GunMetal brings your spin through space into great focus in addition to URWERK's signature satellite arrangement of the wandering hours and minutes. The minutes hand returns on a 20-minute scale of 555 kilometres after it has travelled for 60 minutes. If you were to be standing on the equator of our revolving planet, you would move this distance in 20 minutes. The other scale measures the 35,740 kilometres every 20 minutes that you travel as you round the sun in orbit.

Urwerk Watch Price In India

Price - Rs. 41,00,000/-

Time and distance are equal on the UR-100 GunMetal's display, with the hours and minutes shown in bold green and the kilometres in dazzling white. Felix Baumgartner, a co-founder of URWERK and a watchmaker, explains that his father, Geri, a well-known clock restorer, gave him a clock that gave him the inspiration. Gustave Sandoz created it for the 1893 Universal Exhibition. It displayed the distance travelled by a point on the equator rather than the time. Martin Frei, the other co-founder and designer of URWERK, worked to make the clock's indicator work with the UR-100.

The watch serves as both a visual and tactile depiction of where we are in relation to the Earth's rotation. It fixes us on a precise but transitory longitude and time.

Why Are Urwerk Watches So Expensive

Urwerk challenges the watchmaking industry's norms by offering a cutting-edge timekeeping experience. The brand, which is well-known for its futuristic aesthetics and exceptional timekeeping capabilities, combines several concepts into one.

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You’ll Be Amazed To See These 4 Urwerk Watches. Checkout Raging Gold UR-105 Urwerk Watch That You Have Never Seen Before ! You’ll Be Shocked To Know Urwerk Watch Price. Do You Know Why Are Urwerk Watches So Expensive ? Find Out Urwerk Satellite Watch.Find More Info On Urwerk Watches India At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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