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Party Cocktail

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Let's Celebrate Cocktail Recipe By Mixologist Sanchayan Jana.

Prep Time : 20 mins | Difficulty : Medium | Serves : 5-6

As we already step into the festive season, people will start to gather for a lot of house parties & BYOB parties & it's always a special feeling when you take out something special out of your sleeves & impress your guests. So here is a recipe for a batch Cocktail which can be made easily at any party and cater to 5-6 people, however you can always multiply the quantity of ingredients & spirits for higher gathering. ~Sanchayan Jana

Cocktail With Recipe

Let's Celebrate Cocktail With Neu&Ice

𝗜𝗻𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 -:

  • Your favourite Gin (Mine is Stranger & Sons) 350 ml

  • Lime juice 100 ml

  • Mix berry syrup 200 ml

  • Sparkling Wine ( NEU&ICE )

  • Ice cubes

  • For garnish - strawberry slices, lime wedges, apple & orange slices and any fresh herbs (rosemary/mint)

Method -:

Step 1.

Take a punch bowl (or any big bowl/jar which can hold upto 2 liters of liquid), Now add your favourite Gin (Mine is Stranger & Sons) 350 ml; lime juice 100ml and add Mix berry syrup 200 ml (Homemade recipe for mixed berry syrup: Add 100g of any frozen berries, 100g of sugar & 200 ml of water in a pan, simmer it for 15 mins and strain it out).

Step 2.

Top up a bottle of NEU&ICE Rose. Now add lots of ice cubes to make it chilled enough.

Step 3.

For garnish add lime wedges; strawberry, apple & orange slices; any fresh herbs (rosemary/mint).


Your NEU&ICE batch Cocktail is ready enjoy it for couple of hours with your friends & families. (Drink Responsibly).

Spain Wine

Neu&Ice, Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine produced with native grapes such as Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada.The new cava experience. Different and innovative, it allows us to create multiple recipes for cocktails with cava.

Read More About NEU&ICE

Gin Brands In India

Stranger & Sons Gin, a delightful fresh and bloody offering booming out from Goa, India.

It looks as amazing as it tastes, which enhances, but it is the ingenuity of its three young

creators that means that it is primed to be one of the names taking over its home country.

And then maybe the world as well, because this distillery has the kind of quality we haven't seen in years ...

Working in the Bar Industry for last 8 years, worked with many hotel chains such as Oberoi Hotels, Hyatt Regency, ITC Hotels etc. & Stand-alone outlets as well as beverage development manager/head Mixologist. Currently working with ITC Maratha hotel, Mumbai as Head Mixologist. Awards: Beluga Bartending School India Champion 2019; Bacardi Leagcy National Finalist 2018; Glenfiddich Experimental Bartender National Finalist 2019; Monin Cup 2014; Delhi Cocktail week 2014; War of Spirits 2014.

Thanks To Sanchayan Jana, for sharing Let's Celebrate Cocktail Recipe.

Try & Let Us Know How Was The Cocktail

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