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4 Brands To Consider When Buying Plus Size Clothing in India

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Plus size clothing in India is on the rise as many brands and designers are embracing the plus size fashion so the plus size customers no longer get ignored by the designers and brands.

Plus Size Clothing India

From the beginning, people relentlessly keep reminding us that plus size is a problem and it needs to be changed, but things are changing now though many brands still ignore plus size clothing some designers are keeping plus size clothing at the top of their list.

Finding the right clothes to wear takes a lot of effort, plus size clothing has come a long way as now there are many choices for plus-size people and customers.

Why is plus-size clothing fashionable and how is it becoming a trend?

In the past it was difficult to find fashionable clothes If you are not zero size but things are changing now Indian fashion designers are focusing more on plus size clothing adding the oodles and style of it.

The fashion industry is taking notes as half of the women in this country are 12 or larger and whether we see on runways in magazines plus size women are finally bringing into the fashion respect not just because the fashion industry has decided to normalize that it is okay to be plus-size but because plus size it something that can not be ignored as the demand for larger sizes is something that needs to be acknowledged.

Plus size fashion bloggers are playing a bigger role in transforming the plus size fashion industry, they are the new face of future fashion.

Basically, everyone has a different body shape. So no matter if you have any body type, if you have chosen a right dress that fits it, you will look like a wow. This is why you must keep using the free body shape calculator to know your body type and then make a selection of the dress that may suit and be perfect for your chubby body.

Plus Size Indian Clothing Online

4 Best Plus Size Brands

Now let's have an eye on some of the best plus-size clothing brands that are playing right with the trends.

1. Pluss

Plus is one of the trendiest solutions for plus size clothing and plas size women's, it has come with some of the most stylish and comfortable clothes. Pluss is a clothing brand that is catering exclusively to the needs of the plus size fashion for both men and women.

Whether it is your ethnic wardrobe or elevated loungewear you won't regret checking out their collection and buying their clothes. It is one of the most trendy sites that offer exclusive luxury fashion clothing, especially for plus size.

Plus Size Clothing India Online

2. Amydus

If you are fond of comfort and style in the same combo then Amydus is definitely for you, it has a variety of comfortable and stylish + luxury clothes that will help you add style to your wardrobe.

Plus Size Jaipuri Kurtis

There are abundant designs available for plus-size clothing at an affordable price. They have Tummy shaper pants, Kurtis, Tops, Bottom wear, Dresses, and everything that you need in your wardrobe.

Indian Dresses For Plus Size

3. Half Full Curve

Half Full Curve was started by Tinka and Rixi Bhatia; it is a pioneer in the plus-size fashion market. Half Full Curve offers some of the best pretty designs that you will surely want to add to your cart. The brand is also helping in saving the environment by using the discarded fabrics assigned in their collection to Upcycle.

Indian Wear Plus Size

4. Lea Clothing Co.

Lea Clothing Co is the plus size fashion brand that glass the fashion like nobody else. One glance through their Instagram page can make you understand the type of Luxury plus size clothing they offer. They believe that being a big size is not a problem, you don't have to hide your curves or tricky cuts and necklines. It is ok to be plus size and they have the most stylish and stunning Corset collection for ladies.

Plus Size Indian Clothing Online India

Apart from all the luxury fashion clothing plus size is gaining a lot of attention as many designers and fashion brands are highly focusing on plus size fashion plus size clothing is becoming a new normal people are embracing their plus size body beautifully. You can easily shop from the above-mentioned clothing brands online at some of the most amazing and affordable prices.

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