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Luxury Lifestyle Quotes

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Quotes About Luxury Lifestyle

I believe that style is the only real luxury that is really desirable. Giorgio Armani

Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress. Karl Lagerfeld

Luxury goods are the only area in which it is possible to make luxury margins. Bernard Arnault

The quality remains long after the price is forgotten. Sir Henry Royce

Books are my one luxury. Stella Vine

Looking out at the lake, drinking good tea. That’s his only luxury. And what an enormous luxury that was. Banana Yoshimoto

Luxury can be very simple, for example, staying 15 minutes longer in bed. Jean-Louis Dumas

Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things. Oscar de la Renta

Luxury will be always around, no matter what happens in the world. Carolina Herrera

Men aren’t necessities. They’re luxuries. Cher

Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities. Frank Lloyd Wright

If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars. Jean Paul Getty

If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. John D. Rockefeller

Money does not smell. Roman proverb: Pecunia non olet

Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive. Ettore Bugatti

The only question with wealth is, what do you do with it? John D. Rockefeller

It's a luxury to be understood.

The greatest luxury is being free.

Luxury is more deadly than any foe.

Luxury Fashion Quotes

Art is a luxury but also a necessity.

Happy endings are a luxury of fiction.

The past is the luxury of proprietors.

Morality is a private and costly luxury.

Pessimism is the luxury of the powerful.

Luxury destroys more efficiently than war.


Luxury ruins republics; poverty, monarchies.

It is only to the happy that tears are a luxury.

You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought.

Quotes On Luxury Lifestyle

Poverty is an expensive luxury. We cannot afford it.

Class structures are a luxury that we cannot afford.

When you dance you can enjoy the luxury of being you.

The future is the most expensive luxury in the world.

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Real luxury is time and opportunity to read for pleasure.

Pessimism is a luxury that a Jew can never allow himself.


Sometimes choice is a luxury that fate does not afford us.

Luxury is the income tax of vanity. But it is so pleasant.

Karl Lagerfeld

Literacy is not a luxury, it is a right and a responsibility.

The less luxury there is in a republic, the more it is perfect.

Baron de Montesquieu

Luxury is about pleasing yourself, not dressing for other people.

Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are.

Luxury Billionaire Quotes

The only luxury is time. The time you get to spend with your family.

Luxury is a state of mind.

Reading is my greatest luxury.

Luxury is experiencing reality.

Time and silence are the most luxurious things today. - Tom Ford

Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three – and paradise is when you have none. - Doug Larson

Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves. - Dorothy Parker

The ultimate of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to do what you want to do. - Leontyne Price

Luxury is to have a job you can enjoy. - Till Reiter

Luxury Classy Quotes

I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity. - Jil Sander

God has blessed me to see the luxury side of things. - DJ Khaled

Style is luxury, and luxury is simply what makes you happy. - Deborah Needleman

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life. - Henry Ward Beecher

Contemplation is a luxury, requiring time and alternatives. - Tahir Shah

The luxury of doing good surpasses every other personal enjoyment. - John Gay

I am a man of simple tastes, I’m always satisfied with the best. -Oscar Wilde

Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time. - Margaret Bonanno

The greatest luxury is being free. - Manolo Blahnik

To me bathtubs are the epitome of luxury. Either you have no money to own one or you have no time to use one. - Akilnathan Logeswaran

Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise it is not luxury. - Coco Chanel

What one generation sees as a luxury, the next sees as a necessity. - Anthony Crosland

Luxury means to live free of conventions and expectations. - Anton Wolfgang Count Faber-Castell

Luxury is feeling unrushed. - Tim Ferris

Luxury lives in the finer details. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table. It’s a mint on your pillow before bed. - Iggy Azalea

Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality. - Angelo Bonati

Luxury is in each detail. - Hubert De Givenchy

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