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6 Rum Brands In India That You Need To Try !

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

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Branded Rum In India

Rum is a liquor prepared from sugarcane juice or molasses. The liquid form of the spirit can be either translucent or deep amber in colour.

Depending on how the rum is created and how long it is caged, each rum brand has a distinctive flavour. Rum stands out because of its rich colour and flavour.

Such is the craze for the festive sweet beverage. There is undoubtedly a variety of beverages, white, or spiced—that you would like sipping on if given the chance.

Rum Brands

We've chosen the top 6 rum brands to make your search for the best rum in India a little bit easier.

1. Havana Club 7

Havana Club 7 is an original Cuban rum brand that is perfect for sipping because to its complex layers of flavour and fragrance. The darkish Havana 7 rum is matured in barrels to develop its highly sought-after flavour, making it one of the most popular and well-known rum brands in the world.

Best Rum In India

The tastes of tobacco, fragrant Cuban tropical fruits, and vanilla are blended into the Havana Club 7 rum. A portion of the rum is always saved throughout manufacture to be added to the subsequent batch.

The distinctive and rich natural flavours of Cuba are revealed by Havana Club 7 dark aged rum. It is heavily flavoured with delicious Cuban tobacco, luscious tropical fruits, creamy vanilla, and dry chocolate.

Rum Price

Price Rs 3,262 / 750ml

India Rum

2. Old Monk

One of the most well-liked rum brands in India has historically been Old Monk, which has a loyal following that rates it as the greatest rum in the country. Additionally, it is among the largest foreign liqueur brands made in India. Old Monk, a legendary verified Indian dark rum, was initially introduced in 1935 and is now produced at the distilleries of Mohan Meakin Ltd.

Old Monk Rum Price In Delhi

This black rum is produced using the well-liked traditional method, and despite having a high alcohol level, it has a pleasant scent and flavour. It has a 42.8% alcohol content. The wide-bottomed bottles are handmade, making each one somewhat different, and are exclusive to the Old Monk brand.

Rum Price In India

Price Rs. 466 / 750 ml

3. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is a brand of alcohol produced by the British alcohol giant Diageo, and it bears Sir Henry Morgan's name. One of the most well-known rum brands in the world, Captain Morgan was introduced in 1982 and has since carved out a unique niche for itself in the market. With more than 11 million cases sold each year, it is enjoyed in more than 100 countries. Its upscale premium flavour and widespread distribution make Captain Morgan a genuinely international rum.

Best Rum Brands

Captain Morgan is a firm believer in promoting the value of fun and living an exciting life. Captain Morgan Rum is appropriate for enjoyment. This dark rum is a celebration of Jamaican tradition, and consumers favour it for its full-bodied texture and rich flavour. Captain Morgan's rich flavor, which is aged in oak barrels for a strong taste, almost never disappoints.

Captain Morgan Rum Price In India

Price Rs.550 / 750ml

Rum Brands India

4. Ron Zacapa No. 23

Award-winning Zacapa No. 23 is an Ultra Premium aged rum that is expertly produced in Guatemala utilising the initial press of sugar cane and aged 2300m 'Above the Clouds' to delay the ageing process and build layers of aromas and tastes in the rum. The combination of aged rums between 6 and 23 years old, which originated from their interpretation of the "Sistema Solera" maturing method, is what gives Zacapa No. 23 its delicate and distinctive taste balance.

In order to produce a smooth and well-balanced rum, Zacapa No. 23 is matured in specially chosen barrels that have formerly aged robust American whiskey, delicate sherries, and superb Pedro Ximénez wines. Over 700 Guatemalan weavers from their community hand-weave petate bands to embellish each bottle of Zacapa No 23. The finest ways to drink rum are neat, on the rocks, or in your favourite cocktail with other dark spirits.

Zacapa Rum Price In India

Price Rs. 7,250 / 750ml

Best Rum In India With Price

5. Malibu

Malibu is unique since it is a rum-based drink rather than a true rum. These are Caribbean rums that have been blended with fruity tastes to create a spirit fit for cocktails. A blend of Caribbean rum and coconut flavour makes up the original Malibu. This silky and cool beverage is frequently referred to as "sunshine in a bottle." Popular drinks like the Malibu Pina Colada, The Maliboo, Malibu Chilling Froze, etc. are made using these rums. Malibu Rum with natural flavour contains between 21 and 24% alcohol by volume.

Malibu Rum Price In India

Rs. 2,980 / 750ml

Popular Rum Brands

6. Bacardi Carta Blanca

After ten years of refining his rums, Don Facundo Bacardi Massó debuted his Bacardi Carta Blanca rum in 1862. It's a perfect rum for cocktails because it doesn't overpower other flavours or blend indistinguishably. ideal for traditional rum drinks like the Mojito.

White Rum Brands In India

Orange flower, lavender, and rose are paired with apricot, lime, light coconut, and ripe banana in Bacardi Carta Blanca rum's floral and delicious combination.

This remarkable spirit is moulded with a special charcoal blend for a characteristic smoothness, making it ideal for traditional rum cocktails. It is matured in American white oak barrels.

Carta Blanca, a light and fragrant white rum from BACARDI, is perfect for blending and has subtle floral and fruity aromas.

Bacardi Rum Price In Delhi

Rs. 570 / 750 ml


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6 Rum Brands In India That You Need To Try ! Checkout Rum Brands That You Never Heard Before. Do You Know Best Rum In India ? Find Out Rum Price In India. Checkout White Rum Brands In India By Bar Box At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog

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