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You Must Visit Saz Delhi In DLF Promenade !

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

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The urge to visit a place full of party aura and the finest menu under the blanket of decorations sounds like a dream but not when someone is in Saz New Delhi. It has got all that it takes to connect the dots of excitement and tongue-lusting cuisine. The finest location serves its existence and those of us who are in Delhi or plan to visit it should never miss the chance of being in Saz. As it has got it all let's learn more about what decorates the soul of Saz to make it one of the favorite destinations of visitors.

Saz Promenade

The place is decorated for those who wish to have a great time and nothing less. It has the perfect decoration when it comes to contrast as the white and light brown colors merge to get the furniture with an eye-stopping vibe. The white marble decorates the shelf and walls as it imitates heaven.

The chandelier gives the royal vibe and the lights sparkle the soul of the place. The structure of the bar is also a fresh relief to an individual craving for smoothing curves where bottles rest waiting for the drinkers. And don't miss the chance of snapping the big Saz mirror with golden feathers around it as it shows the heavenly view. The detailed decoration of Saz can’t be captured either with words or with the camera. The only way to do so is by visiting Saz.

Saz Delhi

The bar is the most checked-out place no matter where you go. As if it lacks the structure, the vibe, or the drink list then it is a big no from the customers. But Saz had kept all of the boxes tick blue with perfect structure, vibe, and a long list of thirst-ending drinks.

Some top drinks are Fluffy bunny, Saz-erac, Smoke on the island, Woop-Woop, Shelby, Rum Forest, Land mine (shot), Mantis. So Delhi is ready to have the finest bar in the town in SAZ.

Saz Delhi Vibe

Vibe of the place is magnificent and it helps in diving deep into the aura of dining with perfect decorations. The whitezgolden combo of sitting soothes the soul with peace and helps in understanding the beauty of food. The whole vibe is brilliant in activating the party to inject the essence of quality time.

Saz DLF Promenade

Saz Music & Dj

Music is what feelings sound like and those who have the great taste of music shouldn't miss the chance of being in SAZ Delhi. The Dj knows all kinds of music which works in activating the vibe of peace and party at the same time. The top DJs of the town come to serve the ears of crowds with the best music better than any bar of the town. Music and Dj are extra factors of SAZ and deserve all of the praise.

Saz Delhi Menu

Saz Food

A bar alone is not enough to end the cravings as food must be the biggest piece of satisfaction to customers. SAZ the king of cuisines has a magnificent list of food items. The menu has top recommended dishes signature guacamole, Saz truffled fries, Buffalo type chicken wings, spicy tuna roll, Edamame wasabi, Korean fried chicken bao cream and truffle. All of the categories have numerous food items in them and are enough to make you visit several items and yet not be able to taste everything.

Saz Vasant Kunj


SAZ is located in DLf Promenade, Vasant Kunj, one of the poshest areas of New Delhi. The traffic is fluent and reaching SAZ never turns out to be a mistake neither while arriving nor while leaving. The location has all of the facilities desired by customers and is safe in every order. So visit SAZ with family and friends as nothing about it is less than perfect.

SAZ is the place to have all kinds of fun. The bar with a ton of drinks, the menu with a long list of food items, and the most attractive vibe of the infrastructure call out to everyone wishing to have a quality time with their loved ones. So let's be quick and visit SAZ at Vasant Kunj as soon as the next craving hits deep down the belly and thirst for drinks hits you in the middle of the day.

Ratings Ambience - 8.5/10 Service - 7.5/10 Food & Drinks - 7/10

Saz Delhi Location

Valet parking available

Timings - Everyday

12 pm to 1 am

Saz Delhi Booking - Table Reservation

Saz Delhi Contact Number

+91 85910 68871

+91 9006987676

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You Must Visit Saz Delhi In DLF Promenade. Don’t Miss Out The Luxe Weekend Vibe At Saz DLF Promenade. Checkout Saz Delhi Menu With Saz DLF Recommended Cocktails & Food. Know Saz Delhi Location. Find Out Saz Delhi Contact Number For Table Reservation At Saz Vasant Kunj. Find More Info On Saz Promenade At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog

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