Dirty Jungle Will Definitely Bring Out The True Party Animal Inside You !

Updated: Jun 13

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

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Dirty Jungle Cafe

A luxurious environment with all comforts and a blanket of nature altogether looks like a dream, but only to those who haven't heard about "Dirty Jungle" in the capital. It is heaven for those craving to have that green vibe checked and get their soul penetrated with lots of comfort and exciting meals.

It is one of a kind place that develops the perfection for celebration and having the reflection of beauty on the table. Let’s know what makes Dirty Jungle so special and how well it is decorated to feed the best to the customers.

Dirty Jungle Restaurant Delhi

Decoration gives the tour of Eden gardens made in heaven for Adams and eve to all of the customers coming to Dirty Jungle. With forest all over the place, the natural colors fill the plate with exciting beauty. The passage to walk in between the greenery is so smooth and gives the perfect background for clicking up the pictures. Snaps can always be made with a huge Dirty Jungle logo so that the world knows that you are in one of the best places in the country. Beautiful lighting decorates the forest at night and makes it a part of your celebrations.

Dirty Jungle Restaurant

The vibe of Dirty Jungle

Dirty Jungle is the synonym of vibe with its structure impressing the customers worldwide. With the right music in place and tasty cuisine, this place wins the race of fulfilling their cravings for a perfect day out. The lighting creates a retro vibe and helps in picking up the journey of luxury and hangovers. Roaming in a forest-like place with your loved ones but with all the resources present is the perfect date one seeks and it is the perfect option present. This is what Dirty Jungle's vibe is full of luxurious comfort with a glance of nature.

Dirty Jungle One Golden Mile


Food orgasm is a real thing and Dirty Jungle had got the perfect shot. It has one of the finest chefs in the lane to devote lop the world's best cuisine. Also, the beverages nail the thirst and help customers feel the magic. All of the meals and drinks are fabulous and the aura and the taste are one of the world's best matches and Dirty Jungle is the best matchmaker. The presentation of dishes is fabulous and makes customers crave to have them all. The hearts of customers blossom when tequila lemon grass saga and yuzu bergamot comes on table.

Also beat the heat with the magnificent line up of lime dominated Maple syrup and get freshen up with mint freshness with mint kombucha. As its not all sober because Vodka infused with veliver is always perfect to shoot the shot.

Dirty Jungle Menu

Cuisine involving half an avo with salmon. And tomato proves being the best ingredient in any dish with Rigatoni in confit tomato sauce and Ricotta. Other barbeque grilled non-veg neds the cravings with serving the best to the taste buds. Also don’t miss sunset safari to drive over the best waves of Dirty Jungle.

Dirty Jungle Cafe Delhi

Location and timings

Dirty Jungle the Eden garden from heaven on earth is located in New Delhi. One has to travel to one golden mile, Netaji Nagar to get the excellence on the table and enjoy the fortune of being in Dirty Jungle.

Timings to have fun in this jungle are fixed from 7:00 pm to 12:30 am. So pack your wishes in a box and travel to Netaji Nagar to have fun under the night sky and