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Know How Does Technology 5G Impacts The Luxury Industry

Written By Drishti Patel

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


5G Technology Introduction

5G technology is undoubtedly the talk of the town these days. The doors it will open for the luxury industry are uncountable at this moment. While the world is not sure how to deal with the rise of 5G technology, a lot of luxury brands have already made plans to adopt it. From fashion to travel, brands did what they are known to do. Adapt with the new technology and give their customers a better experience.

Technology For 5G

Here’s the impact 5G has up until now on our two favorite luxury industries, fashion and travel!

5G’s impact on fashion with AR and digital fashion

5G is a new boom in the luxury fashion industry. It is believed to be 10 times faster than the previous wireless 4g technology.

5G Technology Launch Date In India

The 5G technology launch date in India is fixed as 29th September 2022. It is pre-calculated that by 2025, the 5G technology market will expand to 1.7 billion users worldwide.

Augmented Reality What Is

Augmented Reality via 5G has already started enhancing customer experience. Snapchat is the best example of it. It is using 5G for beautifying via filters and pro “digital tailoring” is giving a new direction to digital fashion. In this manner, it is adding more creativity to the creative process. You can easily find various brands using the AR technology of Snapchat to promote their products in the fashion industry. From eyewear brands like Ray Ban to luxury watches like Rolex and even Titan.

Recently many fashion shows all over the world have seen models wearing clothes which are added after clicking pictures by advanced digitalisation. This is a glimpse of how 5G is impacting the creative process.

5G Technology Benefits

Do you know that every online shopper buys at least once a week? This is how the digital market is booming. The introduction of 5G technology will increase the number more. Since 5G develops customer experience in a better way. Let us see how

  • It is instantaneous and almost eliminates the time lag.

  • Augmented reality and Virtual reality make them enjoy the whole shopping experience more.

  • 5G will make the reach of the internet more feasible, it will cover remote areas as well.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

5G is going to largely impact the market and sales. Previously you have seen 5G technology benefits for consumers. Now, you will get a tour of how this technology will help companies in taking their sales up to the maximum. Recently fashion firms in the UK and China are experimenting a lot with 5G in their businesses. In February, mobile network Three showcased a mixed-reality catwalk powered by 5G, and competitor EE unveiled a 5G virtual stylist at the most recent Bafta Awards.

5G Technology Market

Let us closely observe the impact on different terms -:

  • Supply Chain Connectivity and Retail Operations - 5G the game changer will increase the velocity of these operations. Improved single item tagging and tracking as well as quicker access to inventory status should be made possible by the reduced latency and faster throughput that 5G can provide. This enhances the capacity to monitor and collect data throughout the entire supply chain process.

  • Services - AR is enhancing the service sector in the fashion industry like never before. You can scroll through the play store/ Apple store and you will find many applications which will facilitate you with creating your own digital outfits.

  • Sales Execution - It is expected by researchers that by 2030 sales execution will increase tremendously as there will be minimal time in transactions, delivery will be done by a drone, and ordering creations of digital luxury fashion will be quickest.

5G’s impact on travel with everything it has to offer

The travel and tourism sector is the space which has been impacted and fluctuated largely by many factors including pandemics. At the same time, this sector has immense potential of bouncing back with double capacity. After the covid breakdown International Air Transport Association ( IATA) predicted to increase by a percentage as big as 86.9%.

Introduction To 5G Technology

Now, let us see how the introduction of 5G will impact the travel industry

It Will Add More Luxury And Comfort To The Experience

As you step out of your place, you will find how positively 5G has changed your itinerary. 5G will enable high speeds and internet networks deep rooted. Including voice assistants for room services. Connected rooms via chatbots. These advancements will give more privacy to travelers.

Better Connectivity

The sophisticated connectivity service of 5G technology will help connect remote places to the internet. The remote terrains will be able to reach the mainstream. Now, Say if you are wandering in the far village of Ladhakh and you wanna start live streaming on social media 5G will make this happen. This connectivity is also helpful as the luxury hotel chains can provide a more private and closer to nature getaway to its customers and provide a high tech experience with it.

Technology For Future

Technological Advancement

AI will take over. Working of robots will be simplified. In the near future you will find robots serving you in hotels instead of waiters. If you think of going on a long drive, you can freely enjoy the view, meanwhile your intelligent autonomous car will take care of traffic rules.

More Authentic Experience

The culturally rich heritage will be preserved by AR and VR. VR will give virtual tours to those who can’t physically travel and AR will decorate the monument which has historical importance. Digitalization and 5G together will protect cultural treasure.

Newest Technology

This is how 5G technology works in the overall advancement of the lives of the diaspora. Introduction of 5G will positively impact every sector whether it is luxury fashion or travel and tourism. AI, AR, VR are fields which have the most demanding career opportunities in the future, so if you are looking for a new venture do not ignore to include these techniques in it.

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Know How Does Technology 5G Impacts The Luxury Industry. Find Out Technology For 5G. Know Augmented Reality What Is ? Checkout Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality With 5G Technology Benefits. Guess The Technology For Future ? Introduction To 5G Technology. Find More Info On Luxury Newest Technology At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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