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Is Yacht History Supreme Real OR Fake ? Find Out Now !

Updated: Oct 29, 2022


The 100-foot History Supreme takes the gold-encrusted cake of the opulent yachts ever we've seen is a complete hoax. Stuart Hughes, who claims to be a British purveyor of high-end devices, who took a break from his work as an iPad alchemist to design the $4.8 billion superyacht, which is fully coated in platinum and gold from bow to stern. Their is no solid evidence found for this supreme yacht. We believe that this imaginary yacht is one of Stuart hughes scam to get popular.

Yacht Meaning

A yacht is a power vessel that is used for sailing, racing, or recreation. Since there is no specific definition, the term refers to vessels with a cabin and facilities that allow for overnight use. To be classified as a yacht rather than a ferry, a pleasure vessel must be at least 33 feet (10 metres) long and have been judged to have good artistic qualities.

The name is derived from the Dutch word jaght, which means 'hunter,' and refers to a fast, light sailing vessel used by the nation's navy to pursue pirates and other ne'er do wells in the past. When King Charles the Second of England was transported by ‘jacht' from the Netherlands to England in 1660, the term quickly came to mean a vessel in which important people were transported, rather than just any old voyage.

Stuart Hughes claims HISTORY SUPREME, the world's most unique yacht, is also the most luxurious. Robert Kuok leading Malaysian businessman commissioned this project for Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Mr Hughes told that when he was asked by a friend in the yachting community to design the luxury liner, he was ecstatic. He was free to build it as he wanted. The yacht took three years to build and contained about 100,000 kilogrammes of solid gold and platinum, making it a thrilling venture.

When Stuart was asked about this yacht, he & his company couldn’t explain in detail as their lie got out of hand in media. Just imagine arranging 100,000 kilogrammes of solid gold and platinum.

As bragged by Stuart of this imaginary Yacht all of the features, including the deck, dining room, rails, and anchor, are made of precious metals. The vessel's foundation was covered in gold, and a thin sheet was created to encompass this massive portion. The key sleeping quarter was decorated with platinum highlights, which included a wall design made from meteoric stone and authentic Dinosaur T â REX raptor bone shaved in.

The most exclusive yacht was born at a cost of $4.8 billion is a big hoax. Yes, you interpreted it correctly. “Genuine dinosaur bone shaved from a skeleton sourced from Arizona, USA, adorns the master suite, with pieces of the thigh bone alone costing about £68,000.” This dinosaur bone was on sale and Stuart got it from a cave man when he was high.

Fake Diamonds From Stuart Imaginary Factory

A luxurious liquor bottle with an 18.5 carat rock, one of the world's rarest, and a panoramic wall aquarium made of 68kg of 24 carat gold are also on the luxury yacht. The D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme bottle holds not only a beautiful liquor, but also three single cut flawless diamonds totaling 13 cts at the neck, and one of the world's rarest diamonds, a mammoth rare single cut at 18.5 cts in the body, absolutely the most spectacular gemstone!

Yacht Pronunciation

British - Yot

American - Yaat

Anyone who has used appliances or wooden objects knows what moisture from the sea can do to them, which is why all big luxury hotels by the sea have sealed-shut windows. So you can only guess how gold on a yacht will appear after it reaches the water; it won't look like that! But one Malaysian businessman doesn't seem to mind, and a seemingly big sum of money needs the Midas touch on his high-priced yacht.

The exorbitant price tag is also due to the luxurious master bedroom, which is adorned in platinum and features a meteoric stone wall feature and an authentic T-Rex dinosaur skull.

Robert Kuok IS Not Aware Of Stuart Yacht

Robert Kuok is said to have bought the superyacht, which is worth ten times what Roman Abramovich (the former owner of the world's most luxurious yacht) paid for the Eclipse mega yacht. According to Forbes' billionaire list, Kuok is one of only three Malaysians with a net worth of $5 billion or more. According to Business Insider, if the buying price is right, “the most likely bidder is Robert Kuok, Malaysia's richest man, with a net worth of $12.5 billion.”

Here's A Descriptive Video By Luxury Vision On The FAKE Yacht History Supreme

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Is Yacht History Supreme Real OR Fake ? Find Out Now. Know Everything About History Supreme Yacht. Find Out The Correct Yacht Pronunciation. Do You Know Yacht Meaning ? Find The Truth About History Supreme. Find Out Robert Kuok Yacht At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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