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You Must Explore The World OF Chica Delhi

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


The Eyes Chica, They Do Lie Sometimes

Chica Delhi Restaurant

Immerse yourself in an evocative dining experience. Amidst the luxurious sprawling sounds of nature: with modern mediter-asian flavours, and an impeccable array of concoctions coupled with world class service lose yourself in the world of Chica.

If you don't want to miss the fairytale, aesthetic, and lavishing experience then the new place Chica Delhi is for you, Chica Delhi is a restaurant opened recently in Delhi in One Golden mile Chanakyapuri New Delhi. Chica is a fine dining restaurant with spacious garden dining spread over 10000 square feet that gives you all the happy feels to try out the best food and aesthetic vibes you must try visiting Chica. Chica is a place to enjoy unlimited fun with family dinners, parties, get-togethers, celebrations, and more. This place is no doubt a paradise that gives calmness to your eyes and heart.

Chica Restaurant

Chica Restaurant Delhi

Scenery of Chica

Chica is a place that makes you endure paradise. It gives a magical feeling that can make you fall in love with its beauty. Its dining section is designed with flowers and lots of greenery, lighting, and more which make this place perfect for a date night. This new place is currently being loved by the people because of the fairytale vibe it offers to its customers. It is a luxurious garden-themed restaurant. It is definitely among the Best Restaurants in Delhi India. Chica is a place that has focused a lot on the vibe. Its decor is like fresh air that looks like scenery.

Chica Restaurant Delhi Owner

The creative man behind chica is the most admired restaurateur who has established many other restaurants like Unplugged Courtyard Connaught place, Unplugged Courtyard Gurgaon, and La Roca which are the most famous places in Delhi. Dinesh Arora has set a new model in the field of hospitality his restaurants are counted in the Top Restaurant Delhi. The main focus of their restaurants is customers. They want their customers to enjoy, have good food, amazing vibes, and much more.

Chica New Delhi Photos

Recommended Cocktails

  • Smoke and Dagger

  • Clarify Her Intentions

  • The Jungle Cat

  • Sunset Boulevard

  • The Dirty Dancer

They have beautifully planned the cocktails that you have never tried before, and give a new culinary experience to their customers. Chica made sure that they offer a different range of cocktails to their customers to make them experience the world of delightful cocktails. So if you are visiting chica you must try out the cocktails they offer to experience the chica vibes.

Chica Delhi Menu

Chica Food Menu
Download PDF • 1.43MB

Chika Restaurant
99% of all problems can be solved by money — and for the other 1% there’s alcohol.~Quentin R. Bufogle



The interior of chica is a player and something that will make you fall in love with it immediately. They have planned the interior in such a way that gives you an aesthetic feeling. Everything you see in chica will make you feel like you are sitting in a fairytale garden or a restaurant.

So if you are a party person, love vintage and aesthetic vibes, love to explore foods and cocktails then chica is for you. Spacious courtyard where one can chill with Hubble-Bubble (Shisha). Outside sitting is treasured by the young & stylish crowd at Chica.

Chica Cafe Delhi

Chica has concentrated very strategically on food because they want their customers to have the best adventure. They focused on getting the food and cocktails right, the cuisine has the Mediterranean meets with the Asian touch, they arranged the family dishes with a twist so that the customers can have a different experience. Chica is a fine dining restaurant in Delhi that not only gives you a royal vibe but makes you experience luxury.

Chica Bhikaji Cama Place

Recommended Desserts At Chica Delhi

Chica Delhi

Ratings Ambience - 8.5/10 Service - 7/10 Food & Drinks - 8/10

Chica Delhi Address

Valet parking available

Timings - Everyday

12pm to 1am

Chica Booking - Table Reservation

Chica Contact Number

: +91 9990019981/82




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You Must Visit The New Hot Place Chica Delhi. You Don’t Want To Miss The Chica Restaurant Weekend Vibe. Checkout Chica Delhi Restaurant Decor With Chica Menu. See Chica New Delhi Photos. Find Out Chica Restaurant Delhi Recommended Food & Drinks. Do You Know Chica Restaurant Delhi Owner ? Know Chica Cafe Delhi At Chica Bhikaji Cama Place At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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