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You Must Checkout The European Vibe At Bergamo Delhi !

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Bergamo Delhi Restaurant

Want to swing in the best dining place with Italian vibes? Then the place is Bergamo, New Delhi. It is a hub for parties and to experience the aura of world class service.

It is a newbie in the town and plans to conquer it very soon. The extraordinary cuisines list and drinks of the house is something which will make you visit it numerous times in a week. The music, the interior and anything for that matter being considered is just perfect about Bergamos.

So let's have a sneak peak into this epitome of fun and party place.

Bergamo Vasant Kunj

Decoration pours in the main character aura to anyone stepping inside Bergamo. The big bright logo of Bergamo cheers up the mood and shows that life is still enjoyable and worth hitting the shots. The interior emits the Italian essence The white golden combo reflects in the sitting and gives a really royal check to the people visiting Bergamo.

The greenery around the area too contributes in giving the aesthetic imagery of Bergamo. The mediaeval century architecture of European epicurean is what defines the decor and infrastructure of Bergamo. A boost in snap score will be noticed as you will to capture every single frame of this heavenly place.

The Grand Vasant Kunj Hotel

Bergamo Delhi Vibe

The vibe is all mesmerising and luxurious which attracts the best of the crowd. When the DJ starts playing with discs the whole crowd starts having the most astonishing vibe to dance and hit the hangover. The decor is very beautiful and a treat to the eyes of viewers.

This new place is full of surprises which hold up the cravings of every kind to get satisfied and have the most tempting vibe of the place. Anyone waiting to have a vibe check must visit Bergamo and get that missing kick of life back.

Bergamo Grand Hotel Delhi

Visiting a cool place but getting disappointed by the bar is the worst feeling ever. But at Bergamo it isn't going to happen at any cost as a huge bar with numerous cocktails awaits at Bergamo. It has got Best signature cocktails including dirty only martini, Mazcalito, bergamo colada, bergamo legacy, Cotton dreams, the queen bee and the blood on the roof top are the cocktails being offered by Bergamo.

Bergamo Drinks Menu
Download PDF • 443KB

Bergamo Delhi Menu

Bergamo Food

Dining Bergamo is the soul of the place with numerous dishes listed and every cuisine nails the taste buds of customers. Famous dishes out of small plates to have something to snack on are smoked salmon charcoal toast and wood fired garlic bread.

If soups are your starters then surely mushroom cappuccino and minestrone are the best. Diet conscious people must go for guava & kale and caramelised fig & hazelnut. And who doesn't want to crunch on pizzas as Burrata Margherita, Truffle Tartufina and Pepperoni are the best of Bergamo.

The genre of vegetarianism is supreme with potato rosti, breaded brie, burrata toast and Zucchini Mucver are some of the most impressive vegetarian appetisers. For all the non-vegetarians, grilled lamb lion, baked basil fish and black garlic chicken with numerous other dishes awaits here at Bergamo. To simplify pastas Kale pesto Linguine, penne Arrabiata e spaghetti Aglio e olio are some top pasta kinds present here at Bergamo. The large plates section is best with porcini Risotto, Confit chicken leg, giant tiger lawn and Mushroom Stroganoff are top dishes to be ordered.

To end the craving steak with desserts bittersweet chocolate hazelnut, warm date pudding, Baked Manjari Cheese Cake must be ordered.

Bergamo Food Menu
Download PDF • 96KB

Bergamo The Grand Delhi


Bergamo is located in Vasant Kunj, Grand New Delhi with its huge door opening for crowds. The travel is easy from any location in New Delhi. The area is posh and it is the perfect location for the establishment of Bergamo. It decorates vasant kunj by its presence and anyone wishing to attend the wholesome aura of Bergamo. So whenever you’re visiting New Delhi don't miss out the chance of being in Bergamo.

Vasant Kunj The Grand Hotel

Visit Bergamo to have a good time. Dance and feel the magic of Italy. Bergamo is one of the best places out there and people visiting it are having the best time. The cuisine and drinks with the great music are the best things about Bergamo. And who doesn't want to check out anything new which seems promising to everyone visiting New Delhi. Bergamo Delhi Will Definitely teleport one to mediaeval Europe. Bergamo is perfect and everything about it is lovely.

Ratings Ambience - 8.5/10 Service - 7.5/10 Food & Drinks - 8/10

Bergamo Delhi Location

Valet parking available

Timings - Everyday

12 pm to 1 am

Bergamo Delhi Booking - Table Reservation

Bergamo Delhi Contact Number

+91 9090900822

+91 9090900522

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You Must Checkout The European Vibe At Bergamo Delhi Restaurant ! You’ll Be Surprised By Bergamo Vasant Kunj Italian Food & Drinks. Checkout Bergamo Grand Hotel Delhi Menu With Bergamo The Grand Delhi Recommended Cocktails & Food. Know Exact Bergamo Delhi Location. Find Out Bergamo Delhi Contact Number For Table Reservation At Bergamo Cafe Vasant Kunj. Find More Info On Bergamo Delhi At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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