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Habibi By Khubani

Updated: Dec 13, 2022


Habibi Delhi

With the establishment of this Middle Eastern tavern-style club, the city's nightlife gains a new component. The area, which is part of Khubani at Aerocity, has a large island bar as well as paintings, brick-covered walls, and cosy touches. Craft drinks as well as Turkish and Mediterranean snacks are offered on the menu.

What Is Habibi Meaning

The Arabic word habibi, which means "beloved," is a term of affection that is used colloquially amongst friends (like buddy) and also between lovers. The tone in which it is used indicates the connotation that is intended. It is one of the most often used phrases of affection in the area, and it's likely that newcomers learn them as their first Arabic words. Do not, however,  drop it casually. There is still a code of respect to uphold, and familiarity does not always imply closeness.

Habibi By Khubani Delhi

Habibi Delhi Aerocity

Following in their family's footsteps after ten years of service to the hospitality industry's "nest," the Madan brothers are getting ready to introduce their new brand, which will be named Habibi and will be their perspective on the culture of the Middle East. Habibi.

The multi-entertainment attraction is a wonderfully constructed facility that generates an exhilarating environment of dance-fueled, adrenaline-pumping music that promotes infectious excitement among guests.

Habibi Delhi Photos

Its goal is to alter the way you party, and it has arrived to do just that. You are immediately transported to a Middle Eastern tavern as soon as you step foot inside Habibi thanks to the magical and stunning décor that give off warmth and encourage one to let free and enjoy themselves.

Habibi Delhi Club

The club takes its level of exclusivity to the next level by housing its own own speakeasy bar known as Yalla. This brings the total number of levels to three. The tasty Turkish and Mediterranean snacks served at the nightclub convey a tale that cannot be replicated about the relationship between cuisine and culture.

Habibi Delhi Location


Habibi Delhi Contact Number

Tel: 9717061666




Habibi By Khubani Awaits You For A Arabian Affair. Know Evertything About Habibi Delhi. Do You Know What Is Habibi Meaning ? Find Out. Checkout Habibi Delhi Aerocity Luxury Decor. Find Out Habibi Delhi Location. Checkout Habibi Delhi Photos At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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