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Luxury Brands That Were Favoured By Queen Elizabeth II Herself !

Written By Drishti Patel

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Royal Lifes

The pride of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving monarch. Her Majesty spread over dynamic fields including fashion. Her love for luxury was something born by birth. Further in this blog you're gonna get a ride on some of the very favourite brands of Queen Elizabeth II. So, the list starts like this-

Queen Elizabeth II

1. Barbour

Barbour is a very famous English brand which manufactures waterproof and protective clothing. This brand was owned by the royal family itself. It was awarded a royal warrant in 1974.

Again in the year 1982, it was honoured by a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen often posed for pictures in the $300 wax jacket by Barbour. It is believed that she liked a particular Barbour jacket so much that she kept it in her wardrobe for 25 years.

Luxury Fashion

2. Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason is a brand preferred by royal families over the years. It was established back in the year 1707. Fortnum & Mason earned royal warrants twice from George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Not only Queen Elizabeth II but many royal relatives visited the Fortnum & Mason store for Shopping. She used to buy Christmas necessities from there including dinner sets, trays and trolleys, gifts for her grandchildren, etc.

3. John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners are based in Ireland and Australia. In 1864 it started spreading over London. Eventually, it became a very trusted luxury brand among Britishers.

It was highly appreciated by the queen that she offered a royal warrant to the brand for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008. In the year 2007, it was honoured for haberdashery and household goods whereas in 2008 it was honoured for fancy goods.

Now, it is so famous that when John Lewis & Partners releases Christmas goods, English calls it the countdown to Christmas.

Luxury Fashion Brands

4. Launer handbags and Anello & Davide Loafers

Queen had this signature fashion accessory of always pairing a $3,000 Black handbag by Launer with those $1,400 Anello & Davide Loafers that were all she loved throughout her life.

She was a fashion icon who loved the taste of classy brands. Queen had more than 200 Launer bags, she loved the brand so much. Talking of her loafers collection, Anello & Davide used to create handmade shoes for her.

Luxury Brands UK

5. Floris London Scents

The Queen had the luxury in her fragrance as well. Floris London Perfumes were preferred by royals over the years. They were awarded royal warrants first in the year 1800 by Prince Of Whales followed by 15 more such royal warrants.

Every generation of royals loved Floris Scents, which cost around $300 , and the legacy carried forward by Queen Elizabeth II, her super favourite, was a blend of roses. During her platinum jubilee celebration, Floris launched a scent, especially for her fragrance of HRH’s garden surrounded by Buckingham Palace.

Fashion Jewelry

6. Cartier Jewellery

Cartier Jewels have all you want from jewellery and watches to crowns. They have served the royal house for decades and are still serving.

Cartier jewels decorated the royals' place for so long and it was one of the go-to brands of Queen Elizabeth II. To honour her, they closed all their shops on the day she left this world.

Fashion Accessories

7. Accessories From Aspinal of London

Queen Elizabeth II believed in completing her look by always adding handbags to every outfit. This brand was preferred by many royals including Queen, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Accessories From Aspinal of London is a talented designer, who designs accessories for royal engagements.

On the 9th of September when the queen passed away, they showed grief by mentioning her on their website.

Among all the luxury brands Queen used, these seven were near to the heart of Queen. She lived a life full of achievements, luxury and good work. As she passed away all these brands paid a tribute to her majesty in their ways. Some showed grief on their website, some didn’t open shops and some downed their flag.

Luxury remained glowing and these brands celebrated the fact that their products were liked by Queen Elizabeth II.

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What’s Your Favourite Brand Favoured By Queen Elizabeth II !




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