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Trending Luxury Nails For A Elegant Lady

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Luxury Nail Art

Nail art is a way of adding elegance and beauty to nails. Nail art turns fingernails and toenails centre of attraction but adding amaze to it. Manicure and pedicures are some beauty treatments that give proper shape and deserving shine to your nails. These procedures eradicate the cuticles and soften the skin around the nails. Now all over the social media platforms, artists love to showcase their nail arts. Nail Art is a way to create its new identity through fashion using colours, shapes, jewels and many more things that signifies the arrival of the teen/adult world. Nail art in some cultures can be tied to the concept of femininity and the sense of belonging in a group of females. Nail art expresses the type of women as dark nails mean aggressive and french pink means delicate and loving. But in Gen Z nail polish and nail art is also tagged as the medium of rebellion against social norms and gender roles.

Luxury Nail

Innovations In Luxury Nail Art

Nail Art Nude

Brands had always tried to upgrade themselves by creating something new. And in the nail art world, some innovations are so fascinating. The first innovation is about textures in which microbeads or caviar beads are introduced just before the nail polish turns dry. This adds up to the sand like texture to the nail. Another one is about giving holographic effect as it emits flashy rainbow reflections when exposed to light. A new method of Velvet manicure is also finding grips in the nail art world in which velvet fibres called velveteen are sprinkled onto wet polish. The excess is gently brushed off which leads to a fuzzy velvet feel. The crackle effect enriches the look as an overcoat, a crackle polish is applied onto already painted nails and drives to a shattered or cracked effect.

And what about your nails changing colours according to temperature? Yes, this can be true by using Thermochromic polish. After it, you can go for the Matte effect which gives off a flat Matte finish to your glossy nail polish. Then comes the 'Half moon' which is created on the root of the nail in one colour while the spared nail is decorated with different colours. This is also known as Inverse French art. These innovations merged with applications of jewels like gold, silver and diamonds adds class to nails giving off a royal look.

Nail Art Latest Designs

Trending Luxury Nail Art

Nail Art White And Black

One super trend that ruled the year 2021 was 'Black and White outline nails' as it is considered as one of the chicest twists on the French manicure. This trend is a perfect mocktail of simplicity and elegance. In a classic French mani, the centre of nails will stay a Matte nude shade. Another trend was of 'Branded luxury nails' that involves creative and emblematic patterns, colours and logos from top fashion houses into one look. And what do you think about Gucci's rings, bees and stripes on your nails? If you want to know the answer then opt for Branded luxury nails. Then arrives colourful luxury nails that witness beautiful colours because a saying says

A bold, brightly-hued manicure will help you combat against winter and cold.

Vibrant nails will just light up your look.

Gold flakes luxury nails ruled the choice of top-class people because gold, warmth, rice, shimmering polish in the light looks damn luxurious. It adds a modern twist with a gradient glitter effect over a Matte black base coat. And at last 'Jewelled luxury nails' serves you to get some ultimate sparkly addition to your manicure, as faux gems add light and lead to a flood of compliments. In it, the nail technician adds gems over a nude or white base which will maximise light reflection and prevent dullness. These were some trendy luxury nail arts that still excite everyone seeking fashion.

How Do Nail Art At Home

Stucked at home and seeking some nail fun?

Pandemic is all about announcements of sudden closure with different variants sending us deep into our rooms. But no need to stay away from your desire of performing some luxury nail art. And of course, tonnes of tutorials are available over the internet but how to start?

Doing your nails is the best decision you will make as you just have to do them once a week and they keep delivering glamour. To start with you can perform some Tricolour cliffs as it is super simple and doesn't ask for extra tools, you just need some 3 shades of polish to perform this art. After it you can try Bow nail art, this art introduces the use of tools. Bow nail art asks for sky, white, black nail polish and a nail striper. Then splatter nail art can be tried that extracts the artist in you. This one asks for 4 shades of polish and a stiff paintbrush. And the use of cotton swabs dipped in nail polish clean up the extra side polish spread over the nail that concludes art neatly and cleanly. After giving some experience galaxy nail art can also be tried, it delivers a sci-fi look to your nails, for this you need black nail polish to create a space look, then metallic green nail polish with pink and blue nail polish to create your milky way and at last glitter topcoat adds up the after-effects. Some easy to go tutorials can be opted to learn these arts to gain confidence in your beauty and creativity.

Best Nail Artist In The World

Iconic Luxury Nail Artists

Some icons will guide in this world of nail art with their perfection. First, come Betina Goldstein had a huge knowledge about short and rounded nails. She delivers teeny tiny minimalist designs and rules the nail art field.

After her don't forget to stalk Park Eunkyung she got a grip over nail accessories as she is the creator of Unistella Jewellery and you'll see it majorly in her nail designs. Bold prints, holographic colours to OTT accent nails all come in her list.

Then comes Jessica Washick who delivers bright colours merged with geometric patterns to your nails. Finding the perfect match of colours is the left-hand job for Jessica Washick. They were some top nail artists who will show you what nail art means.

Enjoy the world of beauty that is inside out. Explore the world with the best amenities for you. End your cravings for beautiful nails with classy luxury nail arts and experience the aura of glamour and fashion.


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