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Rusi Designs | About Rusi Hancock | 4 Mistakes You Make While Storing Your Luxury Leather Bag

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Rusi Designs is a luxury designer handbag & accessories brand created and boldly brought to the fore by a Georgian-born British designer, Rusi Hancock.

Beautiful Italian craft blended with outstanding coloured leathers, distinctive patterns and the use of gold plated Caucasian Leopard motif logo are all combined to produce very attractive luxury handbags!

Rusi Designs luxury handbags are of high quality and known to be long lasting, after all they are produced in the best factories in Italy, alongside renowned brands like Chanel, Chloe and Delvaux.

4 Mistakes You Make While Storing Your Luxury Leather Bag

1. Leaving Pen Inside

Leaving a ball pen inside your luxury leather bag is the most common mistake one makes. The pen ink can leak and ruin your beautiful bag, moreover pen marks on the leather are terrible as they are not easy to remove.

Tip By Rusi Designs - Never put a biro or ball pen inside the bag without the protection. Pen marks are really bad for leather, so make sure the pen has a cap on it and don't leave the pen inside the bag while storing it for a long term.

2. Different Coloured Bags Storing Together

Storing different coloured leather bags together is a bad idea. Don't touch another bag because the hardware on one bag will leave an impression. Often, leave nothing that touches patent leather — it allows the colour to move from patent leather to everything beside it.

Tip By Rusi Designs - Avoid putting different colour bags next to each other without the dust bag. Make sure at least one of them is in a protective dust bag so they do not touch. All Rusi Designs luxury leather bags come with our own cotton dust bag.

3. Uncontrolled Humidity

Leather is extremely hygroscopic and uses the ambient air to absorb humidity. The growth of leather mould and mildew is frequent if protections during leather storage are not in place.

Uncontrolled Humidity can affect the luxury leather bag as follows-:

  • Loss of lustre

  • The scent of foul odour ( musty odour)

  • Leather product & it's quality steadily decompose

  • Spots, stains, discolouration

Tip By Rusi Designs - Keep dehumidifier in the wardrobe and/or put silica gels inside the wardrobe to make sure that humidity level is good. Humidity damages the leather.

4. Hanging The Wrong Way

Storing your shoulder bag on the closet shelf is a biggest mistake you can make, as it ruins the natural shape of the luxury leather bag.

Tip By Rusi Designs - Hang your shoulder bags with dust bag strings. You can put smaller bags with natural shape next to each other.

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Founder & Creative Designer Of A Luxury Lifestyle Brand Rusi Designs

Rusi studied art in Brussels, is a talented interior designer and has been prominent throughout her life in fashion. Although her brand may be new, her magnificent luxury products reflect a profound sense of style and fashion.

Her exquisite handbags ooze the distinctive style, ingenuity, and artistry that Rusi brings to life.

Over the years, Rusi's career has improved significantly. Like many creators, she did not want or necessarily did a clear course in life! Her life as a spouse of a British diplomat has found it hard to establish her origins in one, defined path, with a number of graduates and diplomas ranging from bachelor degrees and masters in environmental chemistry and diplomas with distinction in art and interior design.

Greatest Success - seeing the President of Georgia wearing my handbag when she met President of France and his Bridget.

On the opposite, Rusi was precisely inspired to develop and follow a worldwide fashion company in that varied history and nomadism. In 2013, when she was living in Bangkok, she started to create her iconic, high-quality leather handbags, with the girls power and faith of a woman who discovered her calling. Her zeal for the production of superb, robust, high quality products and hard work paid off, gaining recognition in Asia's high societies and expats community.

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This inspired Rusi to realise the biggest desire: to make her designs come into being with popular brands such as Chanel, Chloe and Delvaux in one of Italy's best factories. Rusi is dedicated to making stylish handbags that exude craftsmanship, style of ooze and deliver a realistic experience. Her restrictive fascination with fine detailing ensures that she chooses each piece of leather, zip and hardware on her bag individually. Her bags are not only attractive, they are designed to last because Rusi says~

The world does not need another throw away fashion brand.

Rusi also makes a limited amount of handcrafted fashion jewels and accessories in her West London studio.

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