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Exploring Exquisite Dining: Taj Palace Hotel Delhi Restaurants Unveiled for Luxury Enthusiasts

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Taj Palace Delhi

Nestled in the heart of the historic Indian capital city, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, has stood as the Capital's Palace since 1983, embodying timeless luxury and unmatched hospitality. Spread across six acres of lush gardens, this iconic 5-star hotel offers panoramic views of the city's verdant protected greens, providing an unmatched confluence of Indian art, personalized service, and opulent luxury.

Let's delve into the gastronomic wonders that Taj Palace Hotel's renowned restaurants bring to the table.

Taj Restaurants Delhi

1. Loya: A Grand Feast of the North

Indulge in an immersive journey through the vibrant flavors of North India at Loya. This grand feast takes you from the foothills of the Himalayas to the plains of Punjab, presenting authentic and long-preserved dishes that showcase the region's unique cooking techniques. Smoking, hot oil tempering, and slow-cooking bring drama and richness to every plate.

Loya Restaurant Taj Palace

Loya is a celebration of North India's iconic culinary traditions, offering a delicious coming together of fresh, seasonal produce, farm-raised organic meats, and carefully ground spice blends. The menu is a showcase of authentic and long-preserved dishes, highlighting the robust flavors and traditional cooking styles of the North. From the drama of smoke to the richness of slow-cooking, Loya is a confluence of flavor, passion, and influence, all culminating exquisitely on your plate.

Loya Taj Menu


Monday - Sunday

12:30 PM - 02:45 PM

07:00 PM - 11:45 PM

Contact Number

Taj Palace

2. Orient Express: A Gastronomic Journey Through Europe

Embark on a gastronomic journey through Europe at Orient Express, where the ambiance mirrors the legendary train's luxurious compartments. This award-winning restaurant serves the best of European cuisine with a menu featuring hors d'oeuvres, entrees, sorbets, and desserts. The timeless romance of the Orient Express comes alive as you savor the flavors of countries the train passes through.

Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in the luxury of Caviar, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your dining experience. The original Orient Express first ran on October 4, 1883, from Paris to Giurgiu in Romania, via Munich and Vienna. Over the years, many routes have changed, yet the timeless romance remains the same. Join aboard the Orient Express as we journey down its splendid and picturesque routes, savoring the finest of gastronomic experiences. Bon Appétit.

Orient Express New Delhi Menu


Monday - Sunday

7pm - 11:45pm

Contact Number

Taj Palace Dhaula Kuan Delhi

3. Spicy Duck: Authentic Chinese Luxury

Discover the epitome of authentic Chinese luxury at Spicy Duck, Taj Palace's culinary destination. This restaurant retains authenticity while manifesting luxury, introducing guests to the central role of duck in Chinese cuisine. Specializing in dishes from the Taishan and Chengdu sub-regions, Spicy Duck ensures an authentic experience by sourcing most ingredients directly from China. Immerse yourself in the flavors that signify freedom, happiness, and fidelity, capturing contemporary vibrancy with each meticulously crafted dish.

The cuisine aims to reflect specialties of Taishan and Chengdu sub-regions, imparting lightness through homemade concoctions and minimalistic condiment use. From signature dishes to the use of minimalistic condiments, Spicy Duck brings a central feature of Chinese cuisine, symbolizing freedom, happiness, and fidelity. The menu manifests luxury, capturing contemporary vibrancy while honoring the authenticity of Chinese culinary traditions.

Spicy Duck Menu


Monday - Sunday

12:30 PM - 02:45 PM

07:00 PM - 11:45 PM

Contact Number

Taj Palace Near Me

4. Capital Kitchen: An All-Day Alfresco Indulgence

The Capital Kitchen at Taj Palace offers an all-day alfresco dining experience, combining indulgent comfort food with authentic recipes and ingredients. Take a delightful trip down memory lane with live counters featuring Indian, European, and Asian cuisines. Master chefs create an opulent affair with decadent creations, ensuring a culinary experience that is as diverse as it is comforting.

Capital Kitchen Taj

The restaurant is an all-day alfresco dining experience, bringing together indulgent comfort food whipped up from authentic recipes and ingredients. Indulge in a culinary experience that is as diverse as it is comforting, masterfully crafted by our expert chefs.

Capital Kitchen Menu


Monday - Sunday

12:30pm – 3pm

7:30pm – 11pm

Contact Number

080666 04444

Blue Bar Taj Palace Delhi

5. The Blue Bar: Luxurious Lounge and Bar

Step into the edgy ambiance of The Blue Bar, a luxurious lounge and bar where dramatic red-on-black aesthetics and ambient lighting set the stage for memorable evenings. Overlooking the lush green central garden or the sparkling pool, this venue serves some of the city's most intriguing cocktails and quick bites, creating an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. This luxurious lounge and bar have a very edgy feel, owing to its dramatic red-on-black color scheme and ambient lighting.

Set along the perimeter of the hotel, it offers you the option of facing either the lush green central garden or the sparkling pool. Enjoy some of the city’s most interesting cocktails and quick bites, al fresco when the weather is good.

Taj Palace Delhi Menu


Monday - Sunday

5pm - 12:45pm

Contact Number

6. Tea Lounge: Timeless Elegance in Every Sip

The ambient Tea Lounge at Taj Palace offers an extensive array of single-estate coffees and exotic teas from around the world. Reminiscent of contemporary colonial elegance, the lounge is an ideal setting for leisurely meetings and dates. From freshly baked cakes to a magnificent patisserie, the Tea Lounge provides a quintessential tea-time experience where flavors are eternal, and time stands still.

Let the tea linger and the day stall as Taj Palace, New Delhi, re-launches Tea Lounge, creating a unique experience where flavors are eternal, and time stands still. Modern flavors meet regal interiors, with freshly ground aromatic brews from India and around the world finding mention in the Tea Lounge-menu. This is the perfect setting to reminisce at the threshold of the future. From leisurely tete-a-tetes to a royal setting that morphs perfectly into a venue for business meetings and corporate get-togethers, the Tea Lounge is relaxed yet regal luxury at its finest.

Taj Palace High Tea Price

Indulge in opulence with Taj Palace Hotel's High Tea experience, priced at approximately Rs. 2500/-. Elevate your afternoon with an array of exquisite teas, delectable finger foods, and decadent desserts in the regal ambiance of the hotel. A luxurious treat for discerning palates, blending tradition and sophistication for an unforgettable tea-time indulgence.


Monday - Sunday

8am - 11:30pm

Contact Number

Taj Palace Delhi Booking

Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi, beckons luxury enthusiasts to embark on a culinary journey like no other. With its array of award-winning restaurants, Taj Palace Hotel promises an unforgettable experience that marries the past with the present, tradition with innovation, and opulence with warmth. Indulge in the exquisite dining offerings and elevate your luxury lifestyle at Taj Palace, where every meal is a celebration of unparalleled taste and sophistication.

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