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The Knot Nehru Place Will Definitely Make You Dance !

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Delhi Night Clubs

To every person or someone who loves classy interiors, and enjoys unstoppable drinks with crazy dance then Knot Delhi is a place that will make you thrilled with its music, vibe, and crazy dancers. Knot Delhi is a musical adventure in itself and surely the most gracious and classic party place in the town.

The venue gives some of the most energetic vibes and no doubt has a lot of hotness embracing the dance floor with moves. Knot Delhi is a place where the interior and vibe just fit together, so if someone wants to uplift their mood and hang out at a super fun place then we have a knot in Delhi for you.

So let's hop into the interior and vibe of this place.

Knot Delhi

One of the impressive things about Knot is its interior. The new party place which is situated at eros international trade tower Nehru place in Delhi has a lot of dramatic vibes and a cheerful interior.

The interior is chic as well as cozy. The walls of the knot give out authentic vibes. It will leave you enthusiastic as soon as you get in. The place has an intimate ambiance full of party lights.

The Knot Delhi Nehru Place

Knot Delhi is surely a place where you can summon your dark side and enjoy your nightlife with all your favorite music tracks and endless dance. The crazy party quotes at The Knot boost up the energy, the sitting area of the knot is just perfect and gives out the chic comfy feel of the atmosphere that entices the tales of the dark.

Vibe acts as the main character whenever anyone steps inside and the knot has some crazy musical thrilling vibe that will surely make you dance even if you are a non dancer.

Knot Delhi Owner

The knot is launched by Aman khan who is a well known restaurateur and businessman. He wanted a premium dance club for the nightlife and party cultures of New Delhi. Knot is providing a most lavish experience and has both business and leisure visitors as it is located near the south delhi business district. Aman khan said that the knot atmosphere showcases the bustling night culture of Delhi and also represents redefined luxury on a larger scale.

The Knot Delhi

Knot Delhi is a crazy party place for all-night owls but not only a party place it also has some delicious delicacies for all the foodies out there. Food at knot is the cherry on the cake. The knot has a great menu and food options all for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.

The Knot Delhi Menu

Do not miss the finger food at the knot. Also, some must try out the food at the knot is Italian cuisine that will nail the taste buds of the customers, and shawarma, Bao/ Dim Sums, are some perfect dishes that await to end people's cravings. The menu goes on and on and so does the party at The knot.

The Knot Eros Hotel

Recommended Cocktails

Visiting a party hub and getting dissatisfied with the bar can be a mood spoiler but with a knot, this isn't going to happen.

The knot has a huge bar that has numerous drinks. The bar menu is endless and has all types of drinks and beverages. Some of the must-must-try knotty cocktails and classic and twisted cosmopolitans whisky.

The Knot Club Delhi

If you are at the knot you can not miss on shorts and cocktails, the place is also a leisure place for all the shisha lovers and has some fun drinks to try out with shisha.

A party hub for you with chic and dramatic interiors that will leave you delighted. The party at the knot Delhi starts at night and will make you dance till morning surely a place for all the night owls. The music, the interior, or anything that a person looks for at a party is there in the knot.

The Knot Delhi Bar Menu

Knot Delhi Photos

So if you are someone who loves to party hard and wants to enjoy your nightlife with some crazy music, lights, and dancers then you shouldn't miss Knot Delhi. With endless drinks, never-ending dance, to crazy musical nightlife, knot Delhi will surely reveal your darkness and will make you a club person.

Knot Club

Knot Delhi

Ratings Ambience - 7/10 Service - 7.5/10 Food & Drinks - 8/10

The Knot Location

Valet parking available


12pm to 5am

CLOSED ON Tuesday & Thursday

Knot Delhi Booking - Table Reservation

The Knot Contact Number

: +91-093198 91259

: +91-08800015162



The Knot Nehru Place Will Definitely Make You Dance ! You Don’t Want To Miss Knot Delhi Weekend Vibe. Checkout The Knot Delhi Club Decor With Trippy Lights. See Knot Delhi Photos. Find Out The Knot Delhi Bar Menu With Recommended Food & Drinks. Find Out More About The Knot Eros Hotel At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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