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Checkout Luxury Lifestyle Of These Youngest Billionaires In India

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


List Of Billionaire In India

Success is something that requires patience and a lot of hard work. You don't become successful in one true day but when we talk about these youngest Billionaires in India they have achieved a lot in very less time.

Forbes Magazine released the list of billionaires in India and most of them are young and are running well-established start-ups. Besides being a billionaire they have conquered great heights in the field of business and are living the luxury lifestyle. In this article, we have included the top 5 billionaires in India who are living the life they deserve.

Top 5 Billionaires In India

India seems to breed a new generation of young minds with so much talent, here is the list of the top 5 youngest billionaires in India. Let's look into their journey in detail.

1. Nikhil Kamath and Nitin Kamath of Zerodha

Nikhil Kamath and Nitin Kamath's net worth is about $3.45 billion, and Nitin founded Zerodha to assist investors and traders with the cost of technology. Nikhil Kamath is the co-founder of the company. His online's brokerage company has become one of the largest players in the market and has made both brothers the youngest billionaire in India.

Nikhil believes in living a king-size life and currently has an ultra-luxurious house in kingfishers tower Bangalore that resides in 7000 sq ft. He lives a life full of luxury he has a huge collection of cars that includes an Audi A6, Porsche Boxster, etc he likes vintage cars and mostly loves to drive an Audi A6.

Billionaire In The World

2. Ravi Modi of Vedant Fashions

Vedant fashion was started by Ravi Modi in Kolkata, it mainly manufactures traditional Indian garments and one most popular brand included is Manyavar best known for men's and women's Indian wedding attires.

His net worth is up to $3.7 billion, he has 600 stores in India and 11 stores abroad. Ravi Modi Manyavar has Kartik Aaryan as a brand ambassador.

3. Vijay Shekhar Sharma of Paytm

Vijay Shekhar Sharma's story is an inspiration for all of the others, he has founded India's most used Mobile wallet app called Paytm. It has made the payment system in India easier to access on mobile. He is the man behind establishing Paytm mall and Paytm payment banks. His current Net worth is $1 billion and he owns a stake of 14.67% in the company.

Vijay owns some most luxurious cars in the world like A Mercedes Benz AMG GT, Jaguar XJ, BMW i8, and Audi A6. His luxurious house bungalow is 6000 sqft in Delhi, and the value of the bungalow is 128 crores.

Top 10 Billionaires

4. Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokul Nath of Byjus

Byju's is an online learning platform it has started by Byju Raveendran who is a former mathematician tutor. According to the funding that happened in March 2022 Byju's has a value of about $22 billion. Peoples like Mark Zuckerberg and Tencent are among its investors. His wife Divya Gokulnath is also a part of the board of the company. Byju Raveendran & Family has a net worth of $3.6 billion and has Shahrukh khan as its brand ambassador.

Top 5 Billionaires In India

5. Vikas Oberoi of Oberoi Realty Limited

Real estate magnate Vikas Oberoi is the managing director and chairman of the Mumbai Oberoi Realty Limited well known for its luxurious suburban apartments. He owns a Westin hotel in the suburbs of Mumbai and also constructed Mumbai's first Carlton hotel and residences. His idea behind the construction of all the hotels, malls, and residences is to give Mumbai a luxurious appeal. His current Net worth is $3 Billion.

Vikas Oberoi is working on some very important and luxurious projects in Mumbai.

So here the list of the top 5 youngest billionaires comes to an end. As the startup world is building rapidly these youngest billionaires are planning various start-up projects and concentrating on making their life more luxurious. The lifestyle of these billionaires will truly inspire you and will no doubt will amaze you.

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